Saturday, June 20, 2009



Every-dang year I rack my brain trying to figure out what to get my daddy for his day!! I've gone to antique stores, I've bought cast iron stuff, I've even herded my brother and I to surprise him at Church! That-un made him cry! (ha-jack pot!) but after like 3 years of that....the surprise has lost it's fizz.

So this year? I am cooking! My daddy has been a huge influence in how and what I cook. He's taught to me that good cookin starts with the ingredients. He's a great dad! always ready to give a daddy lecture, always ready to help a neighbor, or during the 80s he left his family to work out of state and send paychecks back home. He worked in Georgia, St. Croix, New York, Lousiana. We grew up dirt poor, and we never went to bed hungry! So it is only appropriate that I cook dinner for him! In my new house, Chad and I have been busy bee's trying to get this house into some sort of order. He is going to finish the livingroom, I am going to clean out my den. My laundry room is done, and my garden has been weeded!

My menu:
Being from Texas, You can't go wrong with beef!!
Tomato, Basil and fresh mozzarella (made yesterday from the market)
on Rosemary bread....mmmmmm!!
Beef Barolo
Rosemary twice baked potatoes
Peach Cobler
Tri-berry muffins.

The truth be known, I would rather be cooking in the kitchen than cleaning the house! So I better get started!
The beef Barolo takes about 5 hours to cook!

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