Thursday, June 18, 2009

My dog is a criminal!

My dog commits vandalism, and Breaking and Entering.

*sigh* So when Chad and I went out of town for the weekend, we came back to see Mia-Jean in the neighbors yard. Her friend Co-Co was also out of town. So Mia-Jean decided to TEAR down Co-co's doggy door along with their back door.

So now after I have completed my beautiful laundry room Chad has to play re-arrange the doors. The original plan was to take the inside of the laundry room door and give it to the neighbors. And the neighbors back door that Mia destroyed would be the laundry room door! I cried!

This is the vandalized door!

Then I went and grabbed some of our wedding money, and told Chad to go buy us a new door! But I got a lecture about watching our money! blah-blah!

The view from the garage.

Then we went to the farmers market, and on the way home I stopped at lowes and I bought a new door! he is currently working on putting it up!

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