Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mark Laundry room off my 'to-do' list!

Curtains are so square!
One Glorious day: I woke up, and impulsively decided I was going to work on the laundry room! I cleaned and painted the walls a lavender color. The color doesn't go with my theme of blues, golds, and greens. But I figured we keep the door shut from the kitchen to the laundry room anyways, so it really didn't matter much!

So I will post pictures of my laundry room as soon as the cabinet doors are dried enough to hang em.

But I wanted to talk about my simple, easy as pie curtains! I am not much of a sewer, but I know enough about sewing to do curtains, pillows, and a couch. I have issues with straight lines, and doing the calculations. But for some reason making my own stuff is more gratifying to me than saving up money and buying.....

Okay here, I picked the length that I wanted the curtain to be. 13 inches. The I added 3 inches for the top, and another 5 inches for the bottom seam.

Then I ironed the top 3 inch seam

I put an 1/2 inch topper (funny story, I stole Chad's square to help with my issues of keeping the curtains square...meanwhile he was tearing up the garage looking for it!!) I used the square to draw out the lines so I could sew along it. The top line is 1/2 inch and I just drew another line along the bottom part of the square. This gives me a ruffle on top, and the rod goes in the middle.

Then I sewed it, concentrating hard on the straight line. Which I totally failed at doing.

I pinned the seam, trying to keep it as square as possible. Again, I had issues.

So I hung the curtain up and realized the left side sat at 25inches, and the right side hanging at 23inches.
So I had to measure it out, discover where I screwed up. And start over again.

I had to make the 25inch side, hang at 23 inches. Re-pin it, Re-iron it, Re-sew it.

Ta-dah! Of course I wanted it to hang at 13 inches, not 23, but again. I don't do math!

Funny story! So the cable guy came over and I had the curtain/square on the floor in the living room, cabinet doors sitting up on paint cans in the kitchen, my sewing table and sewing machine in the den. As I was yelling at the sewing machine and curtain...ranting and raving about how I loath Math....Chad came in attempting to quiet me. (ha-ha! Fat chance!) At least I was ranting and raving to someone, and NOT to myself! When Chad turned around to address the Cable guys question, I suddenly became aware of how I must look to a stranger. Littly-bitty ol me..taking up 3 big giant rooms. Working on several different projects at once. Just as I was becoming a tab-bit insecure. I heard the Cable guy say, "Can I sit here?"
Chad goes, "Yeah, you can't destory that chair, its one of HER newly acquired projects!"
After the Cable guy left I turned to Chad and said, "I suddently felt like I was the crazy wife, with a million different projects, but nothing really completed!"
Chad said, "UH-Baby not only are you a client, you're also their leader!!"

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