Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sooo close to being finished!

Our livingroom is ALMOST done!!! Yay!

The curtains have been made, the molding has been put up...Chad still needs to sand the glue from counter-sinking the nails and paint over it, and sand down some corners. We also need to put the molding around our new shelve we found in the wall! I will be sooo excited when this project will be over! Next: I will paint the hallway, then move into the bedroom!

This was my inspiration! Since we have such giant long
walls, I wanted to use an effect that would be open
and minimize my never ending wall! I really love do this room!

This is the after: I will be putting pictures up soon. As soon as Chad is finished with the molding, I will hang my curtains. Which I found in a pile of fabric my grandmother had, at first I just thought it was cool looking shear blue fabric, I was pleasantly surprised to discover she had made them into curtains! I am honored to get to hang them in my livingroom! (She died a year ago from Breast Cancer) Eventually our plan is to install mocha-colored wood flooring. It will juxtapose the corn startch ceilings and really anchor this room!

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