Monday, December 14, 2009

confessions of a libra

I love clothes. I love accessories. I love shoes! I love perfumes! I love make-up (Mac)!
I love shopping!
I can't help it, I come by it naturally! As a libra, I am the best dressed in the zodiac!

Friday....I went to go get my secret pal some lotion (in the mall) and ended up buying a new haring-bone pea coat. sleeveless/hooded knitted navy sweater. vintage off the shoulder wool sweater. and a sleeveless long hippie style sweater.

Then: I transported my contraband into the house under my jacket, stashed them in my closet until Saturday.
Saturday: I did laundry, watched Sex & the city from my laptop (in my closet) and merged the new goods with the old!

Saturday night: went to dinner with the family wearing a new sweater, skinney jeans tucked into my favorite brown leather boots I purchased with the money the airlines gives you to get new clothes while they retrieve your luggage from Poland. And my an orange knee length wool jacket.
Immediately walking into the restaurant my mother greeted me with(who is also a libra) "I love that sweater, is it new?"
Before I got a chance to answer we were promptly escorted to our seats, while I was busy ignoring my husband's snide remarks about my lack of time management skills to my father, I leaned in and whispered, "yes, I just got it, but Chad thinks it is old!"
Without missing a beat my mom goes, "Oh, yes I remember that sweater, I love that sweater!"

As if buying $123 worth of clothes a mere 14 days away from Christmas isn't bad enough. I am now reeling my mother into my fashion lies!

Before you judge gets....Well at least let me finish my confessions.

Sunday: I had to run to target for *shutters* kadoom! tough scrub (I hate the idea of having to run to the store to get cleaning products..that is just too 1950housewife for me) to clean my shower, which had hard water stains so bad, I couldn't see through the glass! Oh! and fuzzy socks for my secret pal. *sigh* I bought a dress. It is so Cute! It has a vintage neckline! Which I am a sucker for... but I confessed to it, and told my husband about the newest member of my family! He laughed!!!-He laughed!!! -kinda anti-climactic after my smuggle job 2days earlier. ...I decided to buy a toy for, 'toys for tots" to make myself feel better about buying items for me, during the..."lets buy stuff for other people" holiday time of year.

**On a side note; in a in a cosmic twist of shopping reinforcement...We got an invitation in the mail today for a wedding! My new dress will be just perfect to wear. I just need a cute new pair of heels!**

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