Monday, December 7, 2009

What crosses your path?

I am sitting at my desk at work, looking out my big giant window's (that cause my classroom to be a bloody iceberg on days like this)over looking the front of the school. Parents coming and going, bundling up, putting their gloves on, zipping up coats, sliding mittens on their little hands. The cold-harsh wind steals the breath right out of your lungs, the fine mist insulates your coat and gloves. And most of the teachers talk about chili, and stew for dinner!

Beyond the front of the school is an empty field, filled with oaks trees, live oaks, and cedar trees. I enjoy that field-I have logged in countless hours staring into that field. Watching the sun rise over the tops of the trees. Every morning, and every afternoon, I look forward to see my 2 buddies. The red-tailed hawk. Oh! My! How noble they sit upon the tips of the barren trees watching the chaos ensue. I have even had the opportunity to watch them dive for some field mice, and one time try and steal a little dog out someones yard!
I most enjoy days like this, the light mist in the air that sits on top of their feathers, and they look like mighty noble fluff balls!

One time I was talking to this old man, and I mentioned to him how my life's path seems to be crossed by red-tailed hawks. I always seem to see them. He told me that the animal in nature that you see the most-is in fact your kindred spirit. His words stuck to me like those little annoying white balls on your finest black trousers...
He asked me if I knew the meaning of a hawk. I laughed at the question thinking of how absurd it seemed.
Quickly! He seemed to redirected subject, ignoring my poor social skills, and asked me, "what is your meaning?"
I sobered up and said, "I believe God put me here to speak for kids with Autism"
He said, "Ah-no wonder the hawk crosses your path, you both have great eyesight, and insight and see things so deeply and so plainly that others can not. You are a visionary, you don't let go easily, and you are sharp...You will always fly!"

Now, in college I minored in psychology-I took a class and learned a thing or 2 about cold readings, and the psychic power! And yes, he was probably blowing hot air up my skirt. But that conversation rings in my ears 2 times a day.

Eventually it prompted my first tattoo! I got the word, "fly" inked on my body. Sometimes a girl, needs a reminder!

Rather he was blowing hot air, or speaking of wisdom far beyond my knowledge-it is hard to say.

But still there is something absolutely beautiful and magnificent about the Red-tailed hawk. And I am pretty darn lucky that I get to start and end my day watching them!

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