Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From the window-random thoughts!

Q) You teach special ed? Exactly what do you do?

A) Well I am by trade a clinically trained behaviorist. I got my alternative teaching certification last year. When the economy started to go under, I was laid off. Private therapy is the first to go, during rough times. I have been working with kids with Autism, for about 15 years now. And I am currently working on my Masters in Autism Intervention and then I will roll over and take the Boards for Behavior analysis.
I teach children with Autism, grades K-4, my classroom focuses on behavior and communication.

Q) How is your health?
A) My health? Well, I am waiting for some test called a PFT, then I will know why I have 47% lung capacity.

Q) How do you like your furniture?
A) I LOVE IT!!! I FEEL SO GROWN UP NOW! I just need to get my headboard ordered and find another chester drawer that matches or is similar. I am thinking that I will go with a cool/light color on the walls, and let the dark furniture warm the room up. My theme for the room is going to be crisp yet calming.

Those are all of my questions.
Now on to bigger and better things: My current obsessions. My husband thinks I have Obsession Completion disorder. I tend to get on something and Obsess about it until it drives him crazy. Let's see, there was the Organic food phase kick-I bought expensive cookbooks, expensive EVERYTHING. And although I eat Organic I have toned it down a bit. The, I will only eat food I grow kick, (I starved and lost weight) and the "only go somewhere on a bike kick to save the Earth," I live in Texas, we are as big as the hair- then of course the "I need all new clothes" (my wallet hated that) and after seeing "The Blind Side" I want to adopt a giant black guy and do something unexpected and bold. (I am working on the doing something bold-inspiration will come)
But until then, I will settle for, "I am obsessing over my bedroom" I need to figure out what colors to go with-my furniture feels lonely without prettier colored walls. The brass-1980's called and wants it awful-awful brass and white fan with 5, yes 5 lights on it back! I want to replace....wait! I should say, I want Chad to replace it with a retro-light fixture. Then the light over my Vanity. then I want to paint my lovely closet. Then I want -I want-I want.

Welp, I need to change clothes, ignore my growling belly and hit the gym. (I am only ignoring it b/c I don't have any food.) Sometimes eating, is more pain than what is it worth.

Here's something funny. I was looking through all of my old report cards and they were all marked up in conduct: 87 was my lowest score! "talks at inappropriate times"(indeed I do) "never finishes work"(I currently have like 8 big projects I am working on) "does not stay seated" (yup) "is not organized" (my husband is afraid of my desk) ----hmmmm! A.D.D. much? How is it that I went undiagnosed until I was 20? That still baffles me!

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