Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a look that reminds you...

Update: Today Dax was standing in the back of the line. In the correct line. and met up with our class at lunch!

Picture it: I have my very long legs wrapped around the front legs of the chair, locking in my student. I was asking her to imitate me banging on the table. She was trying soooo-sooo hard NOT to work. In a sneaky effort to escape work she slipped out of her pants and had them around her ankles and was working on her shirt...and screaming and drooling. My other boy was naked in the bathroom(but thankfully NOT in the sink)-apparently he has to strip before he can pee.
Just when things the school secretary walked in....

It's hard remember just what kind of wild jungle my classroom is, until someone from the outside walks in and gives me that bewildered..."want me to come back?" look.

On another note: My student walked up to our principal and said, "hewwo miss. conwee!" it completely made her day!

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