Friday, January 15, 2010

You said what.......?

First off: thank you so much for all the wonderful words of encouragement-support is a wonderful-wonderful thing in life!

During a day of work, sentences come out of my mouth that make me laugh out loud once I have said them. So I will share:

1) "We do not blow on our friends."
2) "We do not rip monkeys"
3) "We wear clothes at school"
4) " Do not sit in the sink naked" (that is my favorite to date)

Today was a day that was stressful while I was living it, but funny when I think back on it.
I was either sitting on a chair, making up songs about peeing in the potty in front of a student on the toilet. (for a nearly 30something-childless woman I sure do sing a lot of songs about potty training.)

I was tracking down a student who thought it was funny to consistly walk out of his class!
This student was NON-VERBAL last year, and I taught him to talk and now....HE ARGUES! Now, I am all for arguing, but gee-whiz...this kid makes me tired. Picture a witty personality who is very much his OWN boss. That combo involves a lot of work.
Dax's story:
Chasing Dax Part 1) He stays in 1st grade for 30minutes by himself 3 times a week, then he lines up and goes to p.e.. After p.e. he gets his lunch box and meets MY class in the cafeteria. This routine is NOT new, he's been doing it since the beginning of the year. He even carries and keeps up with his lunch box.

So after a 30 minute bathroom sing-a-long session (as soon as she is off the pot, she pees in her pull-up-so frustrating!) We wash hands and head on down to the gator swamp....I walk out my classroom door and hear, "Why is Dax in here? Where should he be?" I pop my head into the other special ed. classroom and there is MY student...playing with one of her toys...I was pissed!!
So now, on the way to the gator swamp I am chewing his ass out.......
Chasing Dax part 2) After lunch I take him to meet up with his 1st grade class for computer lab. 30minutes later he walks into my room, like he belongs there. Come to find out....he was arguing with his 1st grade teacher and did not want to walk at the back of the line. So he came back to my class......I am almost beyond Pissed-off!
Chasing Dax part 3) After returning him back to the 1st grade room, and after another 30minute sing-a-long bathroom session. I get a phone call-Dax is on his way back to my room to pack up for the end of the day! I walk to my door in time to see him stop in front of it. shrug. his. shoulders. and. walk. off. head exploded! I RAN out the door, screamed out his full name. demanded to know where he was going. and told him, "you and me need to have a little, chit-chat. now. (and yes, i talk to my kids this way....)
other things i say often: *i dont know what youre doing, but stop *did you fall and hit your head recently, b/c we dont do that? *in what world is that okay? *and the oscar for best performance of a tantrum goes to.... *get over it*go ahead, see what happens. (all phrases are not backed by the ABA, but it makes me get through the day)
What gets under my skin most of all? HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING!!! THIS ROUTINE ISN'T NEW.

looking back, i realize that Dax is the type of kid that enjoys-pissing me off! why? well, Dax has some technology issues. Anything tv-radio-cd-dvd-computer...he controls and wont let people touch. it has taken me 2 years to teach this kid to control himself. So when my girl student touches the computer...he rolls up on his tip-toes. flaps his hands. and repeats. "its alright-its alright-its alright" over and over and over! well, this week his 1st grade class got some new technology and he got in HUGE trouble! So all week I have been sabotaging this poor kid. In order to teach and shape his behavior.
Well, class went great! and he was able to control his technology obsessive behavior, but if its not one thing. its another. such is life!

You just gotta laugh to keep from going insane!

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  1. It sounds like good,noble and and FULL of funny material work that you do!