Saturday, February 27, 2010

Confessions of a Libra: Bedroom

Look what I bought!
even had the original tag on the inside!
I bought a vanity table, bedside table, chester drawers, and dresser for $1000bucks!

Hooray! Finally got the last piece that matches our new/old vintage bedroom suite! I am so thrilled with it, I can hardly wait to get some paint on the walls.

The pillow case on the wall comes with a beautiful matching bed spread that was given to us as a wedding gift. I refuse to put it on the bed until our bedroom is complete. -I just think it is too beautiful to go onto a bed, in a bedroom that is mismatched and full of (at the time hand-me downs) The bed spread was my inspiration to go out and start searched for bedroom furniture.

Funny story: one night before bed, I ran into the bedroom and put this pillow case on the wall, thinking, staring at it long enough would inspire me. So Chad comes into the bedroom, brushed his teeth. Climbs into bed.
Chad: "goodnight baby, I love you"
ME: goodnight baby, love you too-sleep well"
Chad: okay.....
Chad: "ummm baby?"
ME: "yeah?"
Chad: "Is there anything I need to know about the pillow case hanging on the wall?"
ME: "nope"
Chad: "oo-okay, gnite"

This is the view from my bed. Calamity watches from the hallway, because he isn't allowed in the bedroom-b/c of my cat allergies.

Despite all new furniture, Our bedroom is still bare. Here is my decorating problem-I HATE KNICK-KNACK CRAP!! I grew up with a grandmother that was a KNICK-KNACK-AHOLIC. And it just put a bad-bad taste in my mouth. In addition she could have been the queen-bee of Hoarders.

On to the headboard. I was a tufted one. Something like:

Wall color?

I am thinking like a butter color? Or maybe a soft sage color? I need a color that is relaxing, adds a soft feeling, but something you wouldn't expect. Maybe stripes? The bed spread is a solid color so I want the headboard to have patterns, or something wild.

What do you think?

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