Sunday, February 28, 2010

You asked...

stripes? top half is yellow and white.
bottom half is yellow and a soft gray?

Question time!

You have mentioned "tofu shake" before, what is that?

A: Okay, I was diagnosed with chronic headache/migraines disorder back in high school. As an attempt to rule out allergy to food, I was put on 'tofu shakes.' I got hooked and I have been drinking em ever since.

I purchase tofu-i think i get the firm, then add a variety of fruit. I love the blueberry/mango (its my favorite.) You can use frozen fruit or fresh fruit.
Then I add a couple giant spoonfuls of tofu.
And blend it all together.

And enjoy!
*warning, when purchasing tofu, expect your criticizing husband to make comments about how gross tofu is....or how he refuses to eat it.*
The only tofu I eat is in my shakes, and tofu takes on the flavor that you put it with...

Chad? What does he do for a living?
I have NO idea! haha-He works from home, drawing out plans for landscapers. He also works on cars...

Does Chad tolerate your shenanigans?
He has NO choice but to tolerate me, but most of the time he just comes along for the ride to make sure I don't kill myself.

Your job seems rewarding, what is the most rewarding/upsetting thing you have done?

Best: I taught a kid to talk. Now we are working hard on getting him in general education. Watching all that hard work change his families life-is inspiring.

The most upsetting by far is watching families deal with their child's diagnosis. Last week it was a birthday, the parents show up with balloons, amazing chocolate cake, ice cream, juice, and party favors for the rest of the class. As soon as she saw her parents she just had a melt down. screaming, throwing, kicking. It broke my heart. My parents (of my students) deal with so much!

What is the craziest thing you have done? And what was Chad's reaction?

First off, I have to give a shout out to my husband. Since he has known me since high school, he knows, accepts, and tolerates my impulsiveness, nosey-ness, overwhelming need to want to help everybody. I love the way he loves me, he accepts me. Doesn't try and change me. And most of the time, just laughs at me :) He is amazingly-amazing!

So, unable to answer this question-I turned to Chad.

Chad: "Umm-you mean besides talking to yourself, and answering yourself?"
me; "yes"
Chad, "well there was that whole-living without insurance"

does that qualify as crazy? i dunno?

Then I asked again, and he reminded me!

"There was that whole, playing in the interstate to retrieve a license plate"

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