Tuesday, February 23, 2010

couple of questions

I got some wonderful questions, so I will try my best to answer em.....

1) How do you stay so skinney? Any secrets?
Ha, knowing how to dress well! I eat extremely healthy. Oatmeal for breakfast, some sort of veggies and rice for lunch and then some more veggies and rice for dinner. And for dessert? fruit, fruit, and more delish fruit.
But, on a more selfish note: This is the heaviest I have EVER been in my life. I weight 157 @ 5ft 8. Chad keeps telling me it's b/c I am unable to exercise, and that I am getting older!
I just can't figure out why I keep gaining weight, about 10lbs since October.

2) How is my health?
Interesting question, today I got a ct scan and saw a cardiologist. I have a slight heart murmur, something about a branch deviation, & an abnormal EKG.
The Ct-scan wasn't much better. I got a copy of the scan and based off my interpretation; granted I am NOT a doctor, I have little medical skills, but I can google-compare-and research. My chest is asymmetrical, and my heart is being compressed against my ribcage. My unofficial (b/c Chad and I googled how to gather the information, and took a ruler to the screen) haller index is 3.57. Severe and determined medical necessity for surgery is a 3.2.

March 5, I will be getting an echo.

I suspect surgery in my near future!

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