Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whats in your kitchen?

I cook very Italian based meals, with a good ol-Texas home cookin twist!
I often say, "My heart belongs to Texas, but My stomach belongs to Italy!" A simple linguine noodle with a simple bologna sauce was my favorite meal when I was a kid, and still a favorite meal now. I eat it, like most people hamburger and hotdogs. I made my first spaghetti sauce when I was 8-I really learned how to mix and match spices that way, I remember once I put cream of tartar in it....hahaha!! Another time I steamed cucumbers for dinner. My mother laughed, my father told me, "Krissy that head of yours is to use your brain, not hold those pretty bows! You don't steam cucumbers" My grandmother was so proud of me, she looked up recipes for steamed cucumber!! I love grandmas! They are wonderful people!

Without further ado, my pantry!

If I had to move to an Island and could only take 3 ingrediants with me, it would be stewed tomatoes, sauce and paste! (The Worcestershire in the back ground is all Chad-I rarely use it.)

...Correction, If I were shipped to an Island I would take 4 items, and the fourth item will be chicken broth. Once again the Jiff belongs to Chad, I prefer the taste of organic peanut butter.

Ahh my frozen stuff: I will eat giant sacks of corn, green beans, and broccili in a month! I prefer veggies and fruit to meat! Also i keep mixed fruit, mangos, and mixed berries on hand to eat in tofu shakes, or just plain for a desert after dinner.

I am a tea-aholic!! I love Chai, peppermint and mint. I also drink airborne and emergen-c when I am feeling sickly or need a vitamin C boast.

I don't eat much meat. But when I do, I love Italian sausage, chicken sausage and meatballs.

Pasta & brown rice-how I love thy!

soy sauce, white wine, balsamic and apple vinegar, mint sauce and a couple of marinades-can't live without em!

Butter, potatoes, sun dried tomatoes, lemon juice, CAPERS, and banana peppers! Along with a few salad dressings they are handy for some great spaghetti sauces. During the summer I love to toss together some orzo, fresh basil, black olives over italian dressing! yummy!
Can't forget the acidophiles-I love the liquid blueberry flavor! I get sick pretty often (bacteria loves to breed in places with little to no air...AKA my lungs!!) and I take 4 teaspoons every time I take antibiotics. Ladies, this is helpful to prevent yeast!

Mustard's/Green olives! (and horseradish-that is a Chad thing)

Chad is more the baker in this household. So we keep extra brown sugar, sugar, vanilla sugar, powder sugar, and several different types of flour.
I also ALWAYS have semi-sweet chocolate chips morsels. I love to melt it and put it on my banana for an after dinner treat!

Cheese: I forgot to photograph Cheese. But we keep mozzarella, pepper jack, sharp, Parmesan, & Monty-jack, feta, and goat cheese!

AH! Olive Oil, I have 2 different infused flavors. Sun dried tomato and garlic rosemary. These make GREAT-GREAT-GREAT bases for spaghetti sauces! It is a bold flavor that you tongue picks up on, but can't quite place. They add a deep savory flavor and leaves your taste buds begging for another bite!
I take the sun-dried tomatoes from the Tex-Mex aisle at the grocery store, they cost like $2bucks, and pour them over some olive oil! YUM! makes my mouth water for spaghetti!

Salt & pepper & Garlic! What kitchen is complete without em?

Squash, zucchini and tomatoes from the garden. I cook/bag/ & freeze during the summer, it gets me through the winter!
I can't live without my zucchini concoction!! My grandmother used to make it for me when I was a little girl. Old habits die hard!

Well that's it, my kitchen staples.
What are some of yours?

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