Saturday, February 13, 2010

Female Atheletes

I yearn to be an Olympic Athlete like today's teenagers want to be Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. I am jealous of their bodies stamina, and more importantly their lung function. Think how strong an alpine cross country athlete's lung capacity is? My husband say's that I am the only person in the world that thinks of a athlete in terms of the lung's ability!! But when you don't have something...and want think about it all the time.

Someday-I keep telling myself. Someday I will get there!

Anyways, in college I took a sexual behavioral class. It looked at sex from a behavorist stand-point. I enjoyed this class so much, I took it twice! One day the lecture was over women in sports. Men are thought to be natural athletes, back in cavemen days they were the hunter and gathers. Women however have fought an uphill battle to be taken seriously as a professional athlete. In order for a female athlete to appeal and be accepted, they are thought of as sex symbols first, then athletes.

Do you think they take a picture of a male from this angle? Because I have yet to find one.

Notice when male announcers refer to a male athlete they call them by their last name. Whereas women, they do not. (this has gotten better over the years)

My biggest pet peeve? When female athletes pose-nude! I hate it, I hate it! They are machines-well trained, well taken care of, machines! They should be viewed and respected for their talents! Not their bodies! Of course their going to have beautiful bodies.....they are athelets! duh?

Let's take an athlete and turn em into a bimbo bathing suit model! B/c I want to see their boobs instead of their athleticism!

Hanah Teter snowboarding

Women worked hard to thought of as "equal." Alice Paul nearly died in order for women to vote. and the countless women activists that have tried hard to be considered "equal in their field.
Its hard enough to be a professional female athlete and be respected for what they do. But in 1 decision they degrade themselves to something along the lines of a porn star!

My favorite athletes like Hope Solo and Mia Hamm (Mia is my favorite female athelete, my doggy is named for her.) have never posed!

WHY SHE’S HOT: In the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Hope helped team U.S.A. win a gold medal by shutting out Brazil in the final. We’re usually not into girls who are known for cock ball blocking but Hope is so good-looking we’ll give her a pass.

Ya think men are written about like that?

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  1. are right. There are still double standards. Women athletes still, on average, do not make the same as their male counterparts. They work as hard, spend sometimes more (less sponsors/funders/ future funding). So they get an offer of tons $... for little.

    I think it is hard to judge...for me.