Friday, February 12, 2010

Wintery Wounderland

Well for the first time in recorded history the Great State of Texas got over 13.5 inches of SNOW!!
I can hardly believe it! It snowed in Fort Worth for almost 24hours. I watched from my giant classroom windows, this...this...Miracle...this...erm surreal moment in time. Then I learned a lesson about snow, that quite frankly, got me the, "idiot-award."
So I walked out to my truck, I swore the windshield was under all that snow-somewhere.
I opened my truck door.
Reached in & Started her up.
Turned on the windshield wipers
Was drowned in a foot of snow!

Frankly, I let that cold-white-maniacal joke that Old Man Winter is playing on the residents of Texas-bitch slap me across the face.

Then when my bitter mood got home my husband informed me;
No Television because the snow was drowning the dish.

I wanna find Old Man Winter and kick him in the face!

**Wanna know what my husband got me for Valentines day? He took a ladder, a can of WD-40, and a Broom and cleaned off the dish.{the idea was that the WD-40, which is water resistant would adhere to the dish and make the snow slide off of it} -At least we are smart rednecks!
It worked!**

....Trying to find the sunny side to life, I decided I would study for my class, and take the test (via Internet) early.

...... force him into early retirement!

-Then to my horrific dismay-as I was taking the test- a brown out caused...the Internet to go out!
Then the electricity shortly followed.

....and make live in dessert without water!

**On a side note: I went 24 hours without the Internet. I never realized how many random things I look up during a 24 hour period-I have a list a mile long!**

So....I pulled up my waterproof-steel toed doc martian boots. Layered on the clothes and ventured outside with my tripod and camera!

Please! Check out my other blog to see what a frustrated artist can capture!

After I witnessed his artistic charm, and beautiful eye for details.
I fell in love with him!

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