Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Parents!

Dear Parents,
When you send your child to school with 99.7 degrees-that is a low grade fever!
keep em home! Yes, I know your tricks of Tylenol in the morning to keep their fever down. Or putting meds in their lunch box. Or my personal favorite, just put the meds in their backpack!!

Contrary to your beliefs-public schools educate. NOT babysit sick kids! When they don't eat, can barely walk, and want to sleep all day. That means they are sick!

I grew up poor, so I know what it is like, a lot of times I stayed home sick-by myself. but that is no excuse, don't bring your 4 year old baby to school-sick..excuse me-low grade fever!

I want to thank you (can you feel the sarcasm) now, b/c I had to carry your son EVERYWHERE!!!
Despite my cracked and dry hands from constantly washing them. Coming home and immediately showering. Going through a bottle of germ-x, and tub of bio-wipes(my classroom gets wiped down after EVERY activity.) And Bathing your son in Lysol-I am sick. But when I get a simple cold-my already struggling body can either breathe, or fight the infection. So the journey from the bedroom, to the kitchen requires 3 stops.

It was so obvious to my other parents that you were bringing your sick child to school, they were bringing me more germ-x, Clorox wipes, & kleenex.

All b/c you brought your sick son to school!

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