Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Doctors,


Reason 1: When I call you twice from a doctors office requesting MY echo results be faxed, don't lie to me and say you faxed them already. just don't! I am not an idiot! Then when I call a third time, why do you pick that moment to say, "Oh, yes maam, those results-well we can't fax them. You need to sign a release to have this doctor see them.

Okay first off, check your facts lady! He is the doctor that ordered the stupid echo.
Second off, It is an echo that was performed on MY heart. You charged MY insurance company!
Which I pay for...
Do you see a repeating theme in that sentence? MY, MY, MY!
Fax the damn results!

Then, the same stupid lady tries to tell me, "You can't have a copy of YOUR echo!"
...excuse me? I am so sorry, I could have sworn you said, I can't have a copy of my echo results...."

I didn't even get a chance to finish that sentence, the doctors nurse took away the phone before my head blew up!

Reason 2: When I email you (the surgeon), asking for a brief history of your experience. Don't blow me off! This is MY chest you are going to crack open. This is my insurance company you will charge. This is my life. You are the damn expert, you are the damn professional that people turn to for questions, and concerns. It is the price you pay to have the damn DR letters in front of your stupid name.
Just make life easy on both of us-answer the damn questions. Otherwise, I will have my entourage flood your office with phone calls of perspective patients and simply. Make your life frustrating! (not that I did that...or anything *wink-wink)

Case in point: I WILL NOT BE JACKED WITH OR PUSHED ASIDE! I will find another surgeon who will take the time to answer my questions!! I am waiting on a call back from a doctor in San Antonio.

Reason 3: I am smart, college educated, of course I am doing my research. Getting test result copies, emailing experts, getting recommendations. So don't get pissy with me, when I request that you get a haller index off the ct-scan. Then, when you don't, again don't be surprised when I get highly annoyed. Ct-scans cost close to $2600 bucks-so b/c of your arrogant mistake, you have wasted my time.

Reason 4: I know what tests I should have, don't waste my damn time ordering pointless tests. Can't fool me-fool!

Reason 5: I have seen the ct-scan results. I am not medically trained and they look alarming to me. So please, stop thinking it could be some great unknown disease causing my problems, and lets just call a zebra a zebra!
My lungs work fine, my blood is getting the proper amount of oxygen, my lungs can't fill with oxygen because my ribs are caving in around em.

pectus excavatum!

Most of you have gathered that I was given the okay to find a surgeon. I am having trouble finding one with enough experience. I have 2 perspective surgeons, 1 in dallas, the other in San Antonio. Just doing a lot of hurry up and wait.

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