Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another example of my shananagians!

I woke up from a nappy-poo this afternoon, and had a hankerin` for my oh-so-favorite treat.

Banana and chocolate with cinnamon.

To create this delish treat I take some chocolate morsels and melt them in the microwave. Over the course of the last year, our microwave has gotten very moody about melting my addiction. About 16 seconds into it, the microwave crashes-and has power failure. When Chad is home, to avoid getting lectured about the electrical components of microwaves and the ins & outs of the power failure. I will add some water, but then my chocolate doesn't melt.

Today, I was being lazy and popped in my concoction with Chad standing right behind me. *oops* When the powerful failure happened, he said, "babe, you are going to blow out the microwave, you are going to have to stop doing that altogether."


I stood. Staring. Thinking. The wheels in my brain were turning. Spinning. Thinking.

Ah-ha, I figured it out. I would create a sort-of double microwave boiler!! I put a glass dish inside a glass measuring cup filled with water!! I even checked to make sure there was enough space for the steam to pass!

Ha-loop hole! I am the smartest girl EVER!!!

So when the steam from the water built up, and created a double-boiler bomb inside the microwave, Chad sighed. Rolled his eyes. And walked off.

But the chocolate melted! So I was happy!

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  1. Hey necessity is the mother of all invention. I like your redneck double boiler, very fancy! Daddy would be so proud.

    I had a flashback of you making banana boats over a campfire. MAN it's been a long time since we've been camping!