Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beating heart!

Guess who has a healthy heart?
doo-da. doo-da!
Guess whose heart has nothing wrong?
d00-da-doo-da day!
Guess whose cardiologist called and said nothing was wrong!
doo-da. doo-da.
I am so happy! I am so happy!
I have a healthy heart!

Can you tell I teach Elementary school? I sing a song about EVERYTHING!
From potty in the toilet, to clean up toys, and saying goodbye!

Apparently they can not disclose ct-scan information via, phone. Either that is a new rule, or something is amiss!
Either way, I will know my fate on Monday @ 9:15!

I am getting a new student! I will attend an ARD at another campus tomorrow. He is a major behavior problem. Hits is friends. Screams, kicks, bites, throws himself on the floor AND I CAN'T WAIT TO GET A HOLD OF HIM!!!
I am probably the only person that gets excited about this type of thing. Just knowing that I change a kids life, and rock their families lives, gives me great pleasure in life.
Ironing out behaviors, and finding the function of behaviors is a very addicting challenge.

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