Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Globale warming!

If I had a dime for every single bloody time in the last 2 days people asked me, "are you okay? You are not carrying yourself like you normally do" I could retired a very wealthy lady in Bora-Bora!

The truth of the matter is, "I don't wait well"
I am waiting for echos.
I am waiting for ct-scan's.
I am waiting for Monday @ 9:15!
It hasn't even hit me next week is spring break, but I am "living for Monday @ 9:15."

But I am planning, to go horse back riding in Cape Rock!!

~~~~~He said...what?
Last saturday, Chad and Evan went down the rail road track in our hometown, Evan found himself playing in the creek. Chad's mother was bickering at him,
Chad's mother: "Evan!! You sat int he creek, aren't you cold?"
Evan: "umm-no"
Chad's mother: "why aren't you cold?"
Evan: "umm not cold, because of global warming" (said the 27 year old with autism)

~~~~She did what? To her WHAT?

Whats Vagizzle got to do with it?

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  1. You must live close to me if you went to the kroger on south hulen! I live very close to that kroger! However, it was not me. I was at the Albertson's right across from Harris SW! However, I go to Kroger when I need something fast! We might just run into each other one day!