Sunday, March 28, 2010

Q & A time

Oh! My! so many questions! Miss a little-miss a lot!

Q) Any update on your health?

A) Honestly, I can't remember where I left you guys hanging. So I will start form the beginning
In October I went to an allergist, thinking the reason I was so sick all the time was due to allergies. I was grossly mistaken. It was my 47% lung capacity that alarmed doctors. Through various drugs, various rehabs, various tests, nothing seemed to make my breathing get better. So I was then referred to a pulmonary doctor, cardiologist, and finally a surgeon.
The problem? I was born with a birth defect that causes my chest to cave in. When I was 3 I had surgery to fix it, post surgery doctors told my parents I would be in perfect health. Over the years I was refer to "having" a birth defect. So imagine my shock when I put the dots together, awful lung capacity, exercise intolerance, get the picture.
Anyways, I went to my pulmonary doctor, and he gave me the go ahead to find a surgeon. Hopefully he will fix me with a Nuss procedure.

I see the surgeon April 6.

Q) How is your running? Is it getting any better?
A) This is a very tender subject for me, the test results showed that, for me, exercise does not increase my lung capacity. But is does increase my already extreme fatigue. So, saying with a heavy heart; I haven't exercised since early January. I love to work out, to get sweaty, to loose your stress with each pound of your foot on the pavement.

Q) What are you growing in that little garden?
A) Lavender are the big bushes, I was finally (in the picture) getting around to pruning back the stems that shoot up. I also have Rosemary, 2 bushes of Thyme, Sage, and Chives. Honestly, Chad and I are amazed that the Thyme and Sage survived the winter months.

Q) What is your diet like?

A) welp, breakfast is generally oatmeal (peaches and cream) with a little flax seed mixed in. I will either drink water, or 1/2 of a fruit/tofu shake.
Lunch is usually left overs from dinner
Dinner, I love, love, love to cook and I usually cook Italian food. Somewhere through the years I acquired a diabetes Italian cook book. The meals in there generally range from 190-240 caloralic intake. I might add brown rice, couscous, veggies, potatoes and a salad with it.
For dessert, banana and chocolate, tofu fruit shake, or one of the many cookies, cakes, or pies that Chad whips up.
Snacks? I am an awful snacker. I have this annoying habit of eating until I get full, so eating a cookie, or piece of cake for a "snack" generally turns out as me eating the cookies or cake until I get full. So, I usually just stick to 3 meals a day.

I am an all or nothing kinda girl!

Q) Any new shopping stories?
A) Welp, yes. I got a new hand bag. It is all yellow! and of course landed me some new boat shoes. As soon as I came home I told Chad, "hey, we need friends with a sailboat, b/c I have could wear these shoes on the boat!"
Oh! after this past week at work, I went onto and bought a t-shirt that says, "I tame wild things" ha! I can't wait to get it!

Q) How is work going?
A) Great, I got a new student, and a new aide the Monday following Spring Break. More on the stories of Q and my week from hell later.
I also went in home with a student to help the parents learn how I am potty training their daughter. Now, she (the daughter) upped the ante- On Wednesday when her potty timer went off, I was too lazy to make her go. Well, that little sassy thing showed me-she got up and went herself! I have officially created a Pavlov dog in my classroom. When that bell goes off, she gets up and goes. When that bell goes off, I become aware that I need to pee! :)

For now, the sun is shining, I have a rosemary & sun dried tomato pork loin marinating in the fridge. I will whip up my favorite sun dried tomato-potatoes for a Big Sunday meal.

I do believe Sundays (when I have energy to move about) are my favorite day of the week! As a child, Sundays were always a big deal. Day with family,(b/c I am a Texan) day watching the Cowboys, day eating until you were so full you wanted to vomit! The smell of cleaning products mixed with the smell of fresh cut green grass. The windows were open and the March spring smell wafting through the house. Me and my bubba were cleaning our rooms. I was probably in my room playing some elaborate game of pretend. Bo was probably watching tv, but all the same.

I love Sunday!

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  1. I really should do a Q&A on my blog. One day, one day. Loved yours though. Hopefully your visit to the surgeon in April will turn out good news.