Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not jo-mama's pork & potatoes!

Sun-dried tomato & Rosemary Pork Loin.
1 c. of white wine vinegar
Olive Oil
few peppercorns
Sun Dried-tomatoes

Marinade for 24 hours

Chicken broth, whole sun-dried tomatoes. With salt, pepper, garlic
Make it boil!

Add the marinade
Make it boil

Sear pork loin

Blend marinade!!

Combine and pop into oven!

Served with my favorite sun-dried tomato potatoes.

peel potatoes

dice potatoes

Take time to enjoy a few moments with the cats

I don't know why, but adding a little flour somehow makes this concotion taste yummy!

Add sun dried tomatoes

It was so Good! I feel for you guys, smell-a-vision should be installed into this post!

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