Sunday, March 28, 2010

The week of Q

The hardest part of my job is watching a parent learn that their baby is far from perfect. Hearing the pseudo-strength in the quiver in their voice. I have to say, its gut wrenching, and absolutely breaks my heart-every time I see it.
Oh, sure, it rears its ugly head in various ways, a mom realizing her 8yr old son loves to play with toys for 6month old babies. Or when her son can't answer, "what comes after 101?" I see parents try all sorts of things to make their babies-be normal babies.

It was decided that Q would join my dysfunctional class Monday, March 22. This baby has been fighting for his life-since he was 23 weeks old. His story, as his mom tells it in the ARD brings tears to our eyes. But his behavior is becoming so inappropriate that it is impeding with his education.

In the world of medicine, when you go to a minute-clinic you know your symptoms are being fixed, it is your general practitioner that really fixes the cause. Think of my class as the general practitioner. I assess the function of behavior, I create intervention plans, take data, teach replacement and coping behaviors. Along with communication.

Did I mention that I lost my aide, that knew all of my kiddos? I got a new aide, that was just had bladder surgery. So while I am restraining, I was trying my best to tell her what to do with my other kiddos.
Last week was STRESSFUL! Filled with restraints, flying desks, him beating up aides, its been rough!
But like always, I WILL WIN!!
More on Q later!

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