Tuesday, April 27, 2010

procrastination at its finest!

  1. Question time!! And since I would rather blog, than analyze 8 weeks’ worth of data and do report cards! I am gonna answer some questions!

    Q) Your hair is beautiful, how do you manage it?
    A) First off, thank you! My hair has always been my trade mark..That and my long legs. My long hair was also the first thing that caught the attention of a certain nerdy guitar playing sophomore in our high school cafeteria that I would later marry.
    My hair is naturally curly. As a child after taking a shower, I had to blow dry it straight, so I never really gave much thought about it. Then, my junior year in high school, a lady commented about how beautiful my curls were, while she was cutting it! I was shocked! This opened the door to me no longer having to blow dry it, or brush it, or attempt to keep it straight!
    That's right ladies-I DON'T BRUSH MY HAIR!! And I own 1 round brush! Oh sure, when I am in the shower I run my hands through it, and I run a brush through my bangs as I am drying it, but NOPE! I don’t brush it. Mainly b/c the back stays in ringlets and to brush it, I am causing more frizz and breaking up the ringlets.

    I also use several different shampoos, conditioners, & products, aveda, abba, john fridda, & tony and guy, I teeter-totter between organic and chemical.
    I rarely blow dry it, and if I do, I diffuse it-and I never straighten it, when it’s long! I have used the same wonderful stylist for 6 years!
    My style changes with the wind, I generally grow it out, and then cut it. Grow it out, and then cut it, and play with looks in between. Since Chad and I have gotten together, I admit I've kept it long, longer than I generally do. I kinda want to get it a little longer, and then I will chop it off.
    When it’s short, people always ask me if I have grown! It cracks me up! I just tell em, "Nope, you can see my long giraffe neck now!"

    Q) Did you just have an anniversary?
    A) Yes I did! We went to Texas de Brazil for dinner; I will post pictures as soon as I steel them back from Chad. I wore a short mini-dress and awesome bad ass, Calvin Klein shoes!

    (I got my hairs did this past weekend)
    Q) If you could star in any movie genre... what would it be... romance... horror… comedy... suspense or action? I guess comedy, which I arrived at through a process of elimination.
  2. How do you reduce your carbon footprint? I recycle! By local (when I can) I also take my own bags to the grocery store. And when I forget them, I get paper! I turn off lights (even in my classroom), unplug appliances that I don’t use. We haven’t had the air conditioner on in about a month and a half. I want a compost heap, but Chad says, “we live in the city, and that will attract bugs, like roaches and such.”

  1. Have you ever called a psychic? No, I took a behavioral of the unknown class in college. It ruined any experience I may have, we learned about cold readings, and how to work people. However, I still believe in the power of dreams.
  2. Do you have a nickname? Buttercup, once when I worked as a painter for a professional theater, we would work nights, painting the set and the actors would get the set during the day. During swift change, the actors were watching the princess bride, I made a huge mistake, and fell asleep. Later, someone popped off, “okay princess buttercup!” to which I added, “Who’s that?” And thus the nickname stuck! Then, one smart ass-tried to make buttercup, “bcup” but I refused for my nickname to be bigger than my boobs. So it was shortened to “bc”

  3. What's a name you can't stand to be called? “young lady” or “little missy”
  4. What are your Summer staples? Sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, & water-water-water!
  5. What was the last thing you bought for yourself? Shoes and mac makeup!
  6. Your skin looks amazing! What are your secrets? Water, I drink 8 cups of water a day. Sunscreen, & Clinque 3step skin care! (I swear by it)\
  7. What type of sunscreen do you use? Banana Boat, ultra defense. I have been using it for about 3 years, I keep it in my truck at ALL times. I live in Texas, and my family has a history of skin cancer, so I never go anywhere without it! ESPECIALLY DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS! THEN I PUT IT ON 15 MINUTES BEFORE GOING OUTSIDE!!

  8. I know that you mentioned you are gaining weight, but to me you look good! (thanks for the compliment) What are you favorite snacks? Like I have mentioned before, I am a really bad snacker…but I do have a few favorite snacks. Tofu fruit shake! Organic graham crackers dipped in organic apricot/apple sauce, banana dipped in dark chocolate, any type of fruit, and I typically drink lots of tea and water.

    anniversary shoes!

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  1. Love your hair! So pretty! And of course I love menchies! We will need to go again when I have more time!