Friday, April 30, 2010

Week in Review

Monday: Wasn't too bad. I took my student's outside and we painted in the bright sunlight and enjoyed the breeze.

Tuesday: Started TAKS-hell! I was confined to my classroom with all 4 of my students. At one point we invited 2 first grade classrooms in to watch a movie. So 44 kids, plus my 4….We had to follow the following Rules:

  1. Be quiet -at all times
  2. Stay in the room-at all times

Oh. My. God. It was an exhausting day!

Wednesday: Field trippin it to the Science and History Museum

So we arrive and I hop out of the bus to 'chit-chat' with a fat-man in a yellow shirt to hear about the amenities that the museums offers only to special education. He is rambling on-and-on-and-on-and-on, it was like the lecture that never ended, it was the equivalent to the Austin Powers pee-just kept going…anyways, my wonderful aide interrupted us, my girl peed on the bus, so I made the quick decision to change her on the bus after all the kids left. Somewhere between Austin Powers of the mouth guy, and pee-pee girl, I temporarily misplaced a student. I looked up in time to see him mosey into the museum….then as I was being shoved into the bus, I saw my other aide running after him. I glanced back in time to see her go into the building. I figured she caught him.

I figured wrong! I got a phone call, "I lost Kevin, shit-Kristin, I can't find him" I ran outta the bus…in time for one of my parents to catch me, "Hello, Kristin, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah" That is all I heard, I finally had to turn to her and say, "I am sorry, I really don't have time to talk, umm-erm I-uh-got a tiny situation!" (Yeah-right, like I am gonna tell a parent I lost one of my students!) I ran, No-I sprinted-huddling over kids like a track star; in the building, through the building, around the building. I finally found a guard and reported a missing kid. I was beside myself. By this time my other parents found me, being interviewed, by security guards, and museum personal to say the least:

I was absolutely mortified!

While I was being interviewed, my 2 aides were running around looking for him and thank God, they found him! Playing. In. A. New. $45. Package. Of. Dinosaurs. In. the. Gift. Shop.

One of my aides pops off, "Oh my God Kristin, that toy cost's $45 dollars, are we going to have to pay for it?"

My jaw dropped, I was worried sick about this kid fearing the worst…and he was playing with dinosaurs?!!? Are you kidding me with this? The fear that consumed my body a mere minute before melted away and was quickly replaced with extreme ANGER! My thoughts were interrupted by some clerk guy, "I dunno, lemme go ask my manager to find out about the toy"

I screamed and motioned toward the door, "Quick, grab Kevin,let's go-NOW…GO-GO-GO!!"

Well, a valuable lesson was learned on this day. Make a solid impression on your parents before venturing out on a field trip. Otherwise they will view you as a teacher that loses kids, and is a cheapskate that runs out of a gift shop after their student destroys it.

When Kevin's mom picked him up later that afternoon, she asked, "So, how did the day go?"

I said with the biggest-fake smile I could muster, "It was an awesomely amazing day, Kevin DID WONDERFUL!"

In case you're wondering, I am 100% at peace with the decision I made to Lie!"

The rest of the day went off without much more of a hitch, after misplacing a kid; ya can't get much worse than that. I had to restrain Q, Kevin stole a sucker out of a little girl's hand, Q stole a few strollers.

We managed to get all 4 students back to the school.

Thursday: I was so worn out! I could barely move! Q tried to strangle another student. Dax has started peeing on himself. Sarah's lovely parents started giving her mira-lax then sending her to school, she also head-butted me in the nose. Lovely-eh? And Kevin? I have worked hard on NOT killing him.

(What pisses me off about him, he knows better. He just doesn't care. Some kids act out aggressively, but some are more passively-non compliant. If I say, "go here and do this" instead of hitting, screaming and biting me. He just sort of wonders off and does his own thing. It gets frustrating.)

Just another day!

Friday: I turned the lights off got out the paints and we painted all day long.

Friday night: I have to pack up in a couple of hours and spend the night at a sleeping clinic. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

I am NOT ready to hear more about, "what is wrong with me."

can ya tell I am playing with my fonts? I started to use a writing blog program. I am still working out the details! As you can plainly see! I worked over an hour to figure out how to get the fonts all the same. But now, its just frustrating me!

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  1. what a week you have had. Poor thing and now you have to go to a sleeping clinic. no fun.