Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 1 year-my love!

Texas de Brazil is the snizzle-my-nizzle place to eat here in Fort-Worth. They have a swizzle-dynamite buffet, they have men with accents walk around with meat! It is a bad ass place to eat!

And we chose this place for our 1 year wedding anniversary dinner!

The dress: I had been eyeing this dress for while, but being the cheapskate-mc-cheapskate that I am, I couldn't bring myself to pay retail for her. Then on 1 fateful shopping trip, the store was having a sale %50 off the entire store! I hit the jackpot! When I purchased the dress the lady behind the counter called me a, "sex-pot!" I told her, "I have been called many things but sex-pot isn't one of them."

The shoes: I saw these lovely ladies while I was running out of the mall because of the Victoria Secret debacle. I was fighting back tears, and these sex on your feet caught my eye. They are beautiful and surprisingly comfortable! However, I would end up waiting in entire week before I willed myself back into the mall to purchase em.

Make-up! I WEAR MAC all the way, except for foundation & blush, for that I wear bareminerals. Eye-shadow: I wanted something a little more dramatic, something completely different than what I normally wear. And what do I normally wear? I generally wear a creamy purple color, and for a more dramatic look, I will add a shimmery darker purple. But I also have pinks, browns, greens, and whites. So for this outing, I got a perry-winkle blue and gray.

Accessories: I wanted my legs to be the focal point. So went with small earrings, and just all my silver bangles, I have collected over the years, Plus, I got married in them.

The hair? Well it was humid, and the curls went crazy! So I pulled the sides back-but then I it started to annoy me, so I let it down.


  1. Love the dress! Your too pretty and congrats!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Yowza - look at your legs. They look awesome in your dressy-getup.

    And MAC - one of my favourite colours is Shale - purple-ish eyeshadow...that just looks so lovely and natural. What are the MAC colors you're wearing for your celebration? Your eyes look stunning.

    xoxo MMW