Monday, May 24, 2010

Did I say wordless Monday.....hmmm..not so much!

I made the batter for the dutch chocolate ice cream. It has to cool at least 8 hours and the "ice-bowl" in my new handy-dandy magic ice cream machine has to freeze!!

BTW: Never without, I found a lemon sorbet recipe, I will post on here soon!

I also whipped up this wonderful goat cheese artichoke salad! it was sooo good!!! It really hit the spot. I have been wanting the sun-dried tomato dressing for a while now, and today I finally broke down and bought it.
Now, I have bought, "kens" brand before and that flavor was "sweet onion" and it was high fructose corn syrup free. I was alarmed and quite frankly pissed-off to see that it was in my salad dressing. I was also annoyed that I had problems finding a cereal that was HCF free, and Hydrogenate oil free. Generally I eat oatmeal or bagels, but the store was out of bagels, and oatmeal is too darn hot to eat right now. So I settled on cereal..

Well anyways, enjoy the pretty colorful pictures!

orange bell pepper
cherry tomatoes
dash of oregano
dash of salt/pepper/garlic powder
goat cheese
light coating of that sun-dried tomato dressing

enjoy, I just created it, and it was soooo GOOOD!

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