Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Late afternoon ramblings!

Today has been a busy day! I am trying to get as much done, b/c once next week hits....nothing will be in my control. No. Really.

I come from a family of leaders. I married a leader. I am a leader. So as June 04 steadily approaches I will be less and less in control.

Anyways, I am working hard....well as hard as a person with a compressed heart and lung can work.
I have planted my basil (I know, I know I got it in the ground late) weeded my herb garden. Then sat.
I created a wine/basil (frozen basil from last years harvest) marinade for a pork loin feast tomorrow night. Sat.
I started the broth for a wine based stew. Sat.
Found the stamps. Sat.
Finished the chocolate ice-cream. Sat.
Put the apricot/blueberry granita out to thaw, I am gonna put it in the ice cream machine. I am telling ya, I am damn addicted to it. Sat.

**On a side note, I blame, Off the beaten path for my newest ice cream addiction. Granted, I love ice cream, but her post about menchies peaked my interest and it's been down hill from there! It is like a challenge-I find something I love, and I gotta make it myself!!**

I gotta run to CVS and pick up my pictures for my 2 assistants end of year gifts. I am gonna glue em to a painted canvas, then I am sure I will sit!

We are having home made pizza tonight!! I can't wait!! You simply can't beat home made pizza, using herbs from our garden!! Speaking of which, my herb garden is about to take over the world!! I will post pictures soon!

I am pretty sure June 02 will be my last post until I am back home and well! So I am talking up a storm now, so you have something to remember me by until I can get back.

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