Sunday, May 2, 2010

goes to show, you can SHOCK yourself!

I don't clean my house as often as I should. As a matter of fact, I HATE-HATE-HATE CLEANING! It's like I am allergic to it, or something. Some girls on my facebook page go on and on about cleaning their house, and doing laundry, being the typical house wife. I would rather go outside and play or lay on the couch than clean the stinky toilets!

I don't vacuum-mainly b/c of my cat allergen.
I might dust-2x a year.
I attempt to mop....but it is rare
I have been known to clean a mirror or two
I do, do laundry, mainly b/c I wear scrubs to work, and I have exactly enough to get me through the week. But, I am awful at folding and putting the clean clothes, they typically sit in the basket until it slowly starts to drive me nuts! (about 2months)
*sigh* I hate cleaning the bathrooms, but I do. Somehow, I end up getting soaking wet, and cleaning product all over me. Not the most graceful cleaner. I guess I am not experienced enough-hopefully when Chad gets through school....and gets a job, I will ask for a maid for Christmas.

According to my father, the non-cleaning apple doesn't fall far from the apple tree. I do however, always keep my kitchen clean! That is a must!!

Okay, now that I have established my disdain for cleaning, I will SHOCK! everyone by advertising a new and awesome cleaning product! I was actually excited about it, and Chad goes, "are you excited about a cleaning product? Who the hell are you? You are not MY wife!" Even shocked me a bit!

I started buying kaboom while I was living up the free and single days back in college. I didn't buy it b/c of the annoying announcer, I mainly bought it b/c of the colorful theme. (yes, I am that type of consumer.) But by the time I finished up the container, they had discontinued it (I finished the discontinued product 6months ago) so I have been trying to find an equivalent ever since. Today, I think I found it! :)

Kaboom, foam-tastic, and foam-tastic it certainly is! This stuff is....BAD-ASS!
It took me 15minutes to wipe down my collection of 10months worth of soap scum and hard water build up on a 3paneled glass shower!!
I'm telling you, this stuff is BAD-ASS! my friends! It goes on blue and in about 2mintues it slowly turns white, it is thick enough that is stays put and doesn't and slide down the drain!.....this stuff is BAD-ASS!

Now-enough about that--let's talk Chad!

Exactly a month ago, he twisted his ankle on a garden hose. He nursed it, cared for it, iced it, did tons of research on how to heal a twisted ankle. A couple of weeks post garden hose fight, he was feeling better, but this past week, it seemed to be getting worse. Chad picked me up at the hospital early Saturday morning from my sleep study, and I noticed that he was limping pretty badly. Later that afternoon he came out of the bedroom limping, he had NO color in his face, and I could read the pain in his eyes. I forced him to go to the emergency room, 4hours, 1 x-ray, a fracture boot later it was declared fractured and ligaments torn!

Poor guy, nothing is ever wrong with him. I can't help but giggle b/c he is clueless about using crutches, and has NO idea how to walk in his fracture boot. I would not be surprised if he has googled it!

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