Sunday, May 2, 2010

M*A*C* makeup!

My good blog friend over at Never without, asked me about my makeup, so I will answer by posting a blog about it. Let's face it-a girl doesn't need much of a excuse to talk about her makeup!

As you might can tell, the color on the left is Shale, and that is the color on the right is Trax.

Is it weird that I really enjoyed lining up all my eye-shadows?

Eyeliner, I use eye-shadow! I apply it by using an angled brush. Shale on the eyelid, the darker purple (trax) in the crease, and the white under the eyebrow.

I use these funky color combo, when I am feeling psycho-delic!!

I also use their simple red lip stain. I can't wear lipstick, I hate the way it sits on my lips and one of my nervous ticks, is that I chew on my lipstick, for me, is a wasted investment. In addition, I use their shimmery bronzer and mascara.

The blue (left) moon's reflection and gray (right) idol eyes. I wore these colors on my anniversary date.

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  1. Ohhh Thank you for the inspiring pictures! My heart skips a beat seeing all the MAC eye colours lined up like that. Weird? NO.

    And hurrah for SHALE. I've got to try your angled-brush for eyeliner trick. And I'm off to Nordstrom tomorrow morning to get some Trax and Idol Eyes.

    And yes, you too are a dear blogging friend. It has been lovely getting to know you bit by bit here over the past year or so.

    Thanks for the lovely post.

    xoxo MMW