Monday, May 24, 2010

Granita/sorbet ingrediants

Never without asked about my granita/sorbet here it is:

1 3/4 cup sugar (when it was in liquid form, it was way to sweet, but now that it is semi-frozen, It is a tad bit sweet, so I will continue to play with the amount)

2 cans of apricots
2 handfuls of frozen blueberries
dash of vanilla extract
dash of almond extract
3 or 4 tablespoons of lemon juice (just barely enough to taste the tartness)
dash of salt

boil mixture. put in blender. cool. freeze.

What would I do differently?
probably run the blended mixture through a sieve. I prefer a smooth mixture and currently I am eating through blueberry skins etc....
Now I want an ice cream mixer....I was worried about my concoction turning hard as ice, so I was constantly scraping it. I think that's why I have granita and not sorbet.

Also, I want to try and add some tofu (heart healthy) and flax seed (omega healthy!) I will keep you posted. But this week I will be making a mango/pineapple flavor! Its my favorite tofu shake flavor!

This week I will be cooking and preparing for surgery! I hate-hate-hate caned soups, but I love soups, so....I will be best friends with my stove this week! I also nearly gave my husband a heart attack when I came outta the shower exclaiming my hair is getting cut! lol, it was a very funny conversation. He could handle my sternum being cracked open, but mentioning 12inches of my hair is getting whacked off, he nearly passed, and his hands started sweating and he accused me of being, "rash!"

Lots of changes. I am working on on coping with them all!! Right now the hardest change is leaving work early. It sends me into tears pretty quickly!! I am sending 1 student to intermediate school, and another student I managed to teach him to talk, get him into a general ed class, where he proved to be a totally success..and now I gotta send him off to another campus. I have cried and cried!

One time, I sought out therapy for a bad time in my life, and she gave me the best advice on change, "fake it til you make it"
That is my motto for now!

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