Sunday, May 23, 2010

Change. friend or foe?

I hate change, and in the last 9 days I have endured too much of it for my taste!

April 24: My mom called me, "Kristin I found you a surgeon in Lubbock! Quick! Call him, send him your medical records, I read a blog about him, and how the Ravitch procedure is better for adults!"
"Okay momma, I will be Saturday his office will be closed, I will call him on Monday"

April 26: out of obligation, I sent the good doctor my medical records.

April 28: He called. I about fell outta my chair, I was shocked that he made personal calls. He needed a little bit more information and my ct-scan disk. We agreed he would look at my information and call me back within a week.

May 6: A week and a day later, I hadn't heard from him, so I called his office. Turns out, his assistant has been out of town, and he hasn't even reviewed my information. But he would and call me back.

May 13: Still nothing. I called @ 3:36. His office apologized, and said he would look over my information and call me back today or tomorrow.
3:45, I was driving home and the Dr. called me back. I answered my phone, "this is Kristin" and he said, "Hi, Kristin this is Dr.____, and I think I can help you!
By 4:30, I had a a consult appointment scheduled for May 17, and a surgery date set for June 04.

May 14: I started the process of filling for emergency leave of absence-effective May 24.

May 17: We drove the 5 hours to Lubbock, spoke with the doctor for 2 hours and drove back. The surgery is on!
come to find out, my heart is sandwiched between bones and cartilage and sitting on top of my lungs. No damn wonder, I am tired all the damn time!!

May 18-21 Worked my booty off trying to get my classroom set and ready for me to leave.

This week starts my quarantine period until the surgery. I can't risk getting sick, and with my weak immune system, Chad has me lock-down. I managed to get Chad to "let" me go see Sex and the City premiere, but I am going ALONE at 12! I tried to pick the least busy time! haha!!

It sucks I can't finish the year out with my kids.
I am so sad about that, but honestly I don't think I could have finished the school year, my fatigue is starting to get the best of me. It was getting harder to make myself do into school each morning.


  1. so happy for you. you're in my prayers.
    xoxo MMW

  2. I will be praying for you girl .