Sunday, May 23, 2010


In true Kristin form:


Inspired this......

I got my, "This is good, now how can I make it better?" ability from my dad.

What inspired my yummy, Apricot-blueberry sorbet (although currently it is more granita-form than a sorbet...)

This conversation:

Me: "Chad when I am recovering from surgery, you are legally bound to provide my Mango sorbet for me."
Chad: "You know sorbet is like frozen fruit juice you could make it pretty easily!"
Me: (ignoring Chad's comment and stuffing my face with the last of my HD mango goodiness) "I wonder if HD makes apricot? Hey did you know that I go through flavor phases?"
Chad: "Oh yes you do!"
Me: "Really?!!? You know that? Really? B/c I just kinda figured it out. What is my current flavor of choice?"
Chad: "Mango, and Apricot. Before that it was strawberry!"
Me: "Hmm!!!!!-HD doesn't make an apricot flavor, but I googled it and found a recipe for Apricot sorbet and it looks pretty easy. Ya know I think I am gonna make it, I bet I can make it taste better than HD!!!"
Chad: *sigh and slapped his forehead with his hand* "That's what I told you in the first place!"

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  1. I'm off to bed dear Kristin...checking blogs before retiring.
    This post made me smile.
    My husband is enamoured with the HD Lemon Sorbet. Like...he's onto his second one this week.

    Which recipe did you find for apricot? Sounds great.

    Take care,