Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gulf Coast Oil Spill!!

This makes me so mad.

I have a confession, I grew up in the oil fields of West Texas. My aunt owns half the Oil derricks in Midland Texas. My mothers side of the family made their money in oil, I have an uncle (he gave me a bad ass calphalon pot for a wedding present) who works on ocean drilling rigs.

My roommate in college worked for drilling rigs, she is an area manager. I saw first hand how the "good ol' boy oil system" works. I tagged along with Amy who was wined and dined by local area oil companies. We went to concerts, ate at swanky restaurants, went wake boarding, jet skiing, using high end boats....all on their dollar. I watched farmers fight for their land, loose crops b/c the oil companies HAD to drill.
I guess I tell you this, b/c I have seen first hand how back stabbing, slimy, and ruthless the oil field industry can be.

It is all about the mighty dollar!!

But what about the animals? The innocent victims to the all mighty dollar? There is a special day, 1 day, in the summer where all the little creatures in the ocean spawn. It is magical, and this year....well? The repercussions of this situation are sadly, endless. Think about it, fisherman can't fish. Livelihoods are destroyed. Families can't eat. Tourists can't lay on beaches. Creatures can't spawn. Boats are re-routed and can't dock. Wetlands are destroyed. Innocent birds, dolphins, whales, 100 yr old turtles, baby turtles, otters, fish.....all soaked in oil!

All for the all mighty dollar!

All these damages, because BP is cutting corners on an emergency switch valve.

All for the All Mighty Dollar!

Lest, we forget the men who died when this rig exploded! Those hard working men have been over looked in this Calamity.

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