Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Morphine dreams and epidural fantasies

So, I have a bit (tiny-tiny little bit) of an imagination. As a child, I would pick playing "pretend" over playing with most kids. Even to this day at night when I lay down to sleep, I think, "where do I want to go tonight?" As a person with A.D.D. this is a great tactic to slow my mind down enough so I can drift off into a happy dream!

When I had surgery 2 weeks ago to repair a birth defect, I was on a morphine drop and an epidural. Welp, there is no surprise that while in the hospital my morphine mind was playing pretend and my real mind was fighting like hell just to figure out where I was, or what I was doing. So for your entertainment I present my dreams! They get pretty funny!!

Day 1- Technology room

Day 2- International spy

Day 3- grad students @ Michigan University

Day 4-visiting the nurse at her house

Technology room- (the dream) As my nurse was getting me ready for bed, somehow I sweet talked her into taking me and my mom into this awesome technology room. So after hours my nurse came into my room and wheeled me into this bad ass room, where I got to spend the night!!! **Then in real life, the morning came and I woke up from my morphine dream confused, I kept saying, "Angie, you gotta take me back to my room, I don't want you to get into trouble!" It took the sober folks a while to figure out what I was talking about.

International Spy- (my personal favorite) Each morning at 2 am the ninja x-ray techs swooped into my room lifted me up with 1 arm, put something hard and cold underneath me, and with precision timing whirled this tower looking thing around and took a picture of my chest, as fast as they came in, they left. I never saw their faces, just their shadows. (Although 1 of the ninja's liked my care bear pillow case)

*The Dream-after the ninja's left I was struggling to make sense of everything. So I was lying in bed in a dark room and I could hear the soft snoring of my mother. It didn't take long and my mother become my partner and I was in the hospital, but not b/c of a birth defect, no, no, I had been shot. Shot trying to find out important international spy stuff. As I tried to sit up in bed, the reality of my drainage tubes became a gunshot wound.

Grad students- one night my favorite nurse came by to take some blood. Chad was on nightly wife duty and the nurses hadn't turned their lights off yet, so my room was brighter than usual. (The Dream) All the sudden Chad and I were grad students at Michigan University and had just gone to bed after a long night of studying. We were the only married couple amongst our friends, and we were so poor we could only afford a ½ bed and couch. So sad, married couple that couldn't afford a bed to sleep next to each other.

Over for dinner- We were invited over to Nancy's (one of my nurses) apartment for dinner, we got there early b/c she was running around trying to get things cleaned up. She was such a gracious hostess that she French braided my hair and went all the way to walgreen's to get me some food.


  1. Wow. I bet you miss the morphine so much. I never had such cool dreams after my eye surgeries. I just had the dream where you are thirsty so you get a glass of water, only to wake up sort of and realize you didn't get water so you are still thirsty but you fall asleep before you can get water and then you dream you get water...etc. I had that one a LOT.


    Glad you are healing so well!!

  2. Oh man! me too! I was so thirsty after the surgery, but I was only allowed a few ice cubes at a time. I was so miserable! But I think my lips took most of the abuse!