Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why did it take me so long to do this: Rocking chair.

Do you see this olive-drab, ugly cushions? Well I have been staring at them for a year now. And I just couldn't stand it anymore. Plus, they stink. That tweed fabric holds in all kinds of smells.

The cushions belonged to this rocking chair, that my husband saved from the burn pile. It took up residence on Chad's side of our bedroom, mainly b/c we didn't have another place to put it. So it lived under piles of old clothes, brown boxes and crap for the last year.

Well one day I had ENOUGH!

I striped that awful fabric from it.

The cats helped me too. Afterall, I couldn't do the work without them. I mean some people are born with leadership skills and other people are the born workers-in the cats eyes...I am just a worker-bee!

By you-tubing lessons online, I taught myself how to sew my first seat cushion! I have never done anything this elaborate before, and I broke 5 needles in the making of this project. But I am excited how wonderful it turned out!! It's not square, and has many flaws...and to tell you the truth, it bothers me. But, an artist is their own worst I gotta go easy on myself.

After all, I sewed a seat cushion!

I also sewed the back and it turned out much better than the seat cushion. For stuffing (and I must admit, it's a brilliant idea) I used old pillows. They were my old feather pillows I never had the heart to throw out.

I dragged Chad to the fabric store, and I walked around with all the fabrics I plan on using in the bedroom...and Chad picked out this icy-blue fabric.

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