Tuesday, September 28, 2010

random, with not a lot to say!

I want to say something beautiful and profound.

I want to write about the funny stuff that happens in my life, cause believe me; when you smuggle a praying mantis into a sleeping clinic when you're 18 b/c the aggressive kid with autism refuses to have his sleep study done unless he can take Murrey the mantis...you tend to rack up tons of funny stories!

But right now, the words are quiet! I spend so much time at work, talking, prompting, redirecting, and fixing behavior...and that is just with Paula the aide! That creating a thought takes work.

silence is golden!

So, instead of rambling about stuff. I will just post pictures of pretty toys from amazon!

Most people buy, clothes, shoes, stuff for their house.
BUT not a special ed teacher...nope..we buy toys!!

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