Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what goes on in my classroom--I can't make up!

So much to say, so little motivation to say it. Ever felt like that? I have so many thoughts spinning and swirling, and flying around in my head. But when I sit down to type em all out...that motivation and formation of thoughts into words...just sl-i-p away.

So I will ramble: maybe a point will sneak out.

School has started back up and this year is HARD. I have 4 students this year.

1) Sunny, she's a little sassy princess. She runs my class and those poor boys don't stand a chance with her herding them around. ....She's a girl after my own heart with her fierce independence.

2) Kevin, this year makes 3 years that I have had him under my wing, and if anyone is gonna send me to the looney house...it would be him. Rocking in the corner saying, "But I swear he knows what I am saying!" I gotta say; sometimes I wanna take him home-he's so fun!

3) Neil, a 10 year old that acts like a 2 year old. NOT b/c he's mentally slow, but his family has let him get away with tantrums and screaming to get out of work. However, I must admit this kid is beautiful, his smile melts my heart!

4) Q-I got him b/c of extreme maladaptive behavior the last 6 wks of school last year. He is a handful-jam packed with personality. He is so smart, but his maladaptive behavior is what holds him back. This year though, his behavior is "better" but we still have a long road ahead.

To add to complications-I got 2 new aides to assist me.

Paula, she is an incredibly smart woman, she has 2 bachelor degrees, and she is a certified teacher. However, I think that she is a woman with Asperger's syndrome, she lacks in the social skills. Listening to her story, leaves me and her in tears, she is 40 years old and never had friends beyond her family and business associates. She has trouble holding a job in the public school b/c she honestly doesn't get the social implications of our job. I have had to explain to her tonal inflections. "Paula, when you give verbal reinforcement, make your voice go up...so it sounds happy and when you disciple make your voice sound deeper." Ya know what she said to me? "ya know, Kristin...what would work with general ed kids too?" I was mystified. I turned to her and said, "Paula that is an innate social human reaction." Then...she was mystified.

*sigh* All things happen for a reason. She is in my path for a reason.. I have to remind myself of this when I get frustrated at explaining the most tedious of social tasks.

So this year will yield some pretty interesting stories. Please stay tuned, b/c people...what goes on in my classroom--I can't make up!

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