Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1 small fight for a couple/1 giant step towards NOT being a hoarder!

I would never say that Chad is a hoarder. Although the man does own everything EVER given to him. He just hates to see something get thrown away if it has a chance in hell to be saved. True Story.

Case in point-

  1. I have a small firefighter body with a decapitated head that broke off an old wind chime. Still. 3 years after the be-heading.
  2. A dresser handle
  3. *sigh* my giant roller brush

Blood curdling screams come from the office, and Chad comes racing in to see what happened.
Chad: "OMG, baby what happened?"
Me: I was cleaning out my roller brush and it broke {the rubber had ripped apart and the handle broke} I've had this brush since high school.
Chad: "aww since high school, I can fix it!" {grabbing it out of my hand}
Me: "Chad, she was old, it was her time….let her go"
Chad: "NO! You used to brush your hair with it in high school, I can fix it…I will put in a little screw and attach it back"
Me: "No, really Chad. Let it go!"
Chad: "No"
Me: "seriously, it's a brush…you can't repair the rubber"
Chad: "No, I can fix it"
Me: {no trying to kiss him and steal back the brush}
Chad: "you devilish woman, I know your games…"
Me: "give me the brush Chad, she lived a good life….let her go!"
Chad: "but…..NO"
Me: "do we need an intervention? Hoarders-perhaps? You can't save everything…let it go"
Tackling him, he threw the brush across the room and I dive across the carpet to get it first. He grabs my ankles and pulls me back and jumps over me. He hits his head on the chair which distracts him and I grab the brush and rip my poor trusty round brush to shreds.
Please, let's have a moment of silence for the best $5 round brush I ever stole from my mother.
I would take a picture of the dearly departed, but my camera was murdered in my purse-by means of drowning.

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  1. I used to keep everything too, until I stumbled upon

    Her website is a little old-fashioned and outdated style-wise, but the content and her method of cleaning is FANTASTIC.

    Her system gave me the courage to let go of things that I don't need or want anymore. I love my mostly-clutter-free home now.