Monday, November 22, 2010

Confessions of a Libra: shoes vs. handbag

Oh my, I think I got myself into trouble this time.

Today's agenda was pretty simple:

  1. Get eyebrows waxed…..check
  2. Go to the bank…..check
  3. Go to Ulta to get a new brush and shampoo….ummm…check. I also got some product for my hair. ….but before you point out all of the shampoos and conditioners and tons of products I already have, let me preface it by saying, "but I just got a haircut, and had to buy a new brush…I needed the curl spray and weather be gone serum."
  4. Use the gift card to buy a new handbag (to retire my yellow spring bag)…check.

So I walk into to the shoe…I mean handbag store and I am immediately greeted by these beautiful KellyKatie black leather boots. (Damn customer service jerks who know exactly where to place their products. I know the psychology behind retail, it's the reason bakery's are in grocery stores, and all new arrivals are placed to the left of the store. I am a behavioral major with a psychology minor…I spent years studying this crap….But I am a sucker…for shoes and handbags!")

So…I tried on the boots. "damn, they look good on my feet." I thought to myself…but I figured I would put them back…somebody else just had to get them. I needed a new handbag, after all. So I took a cruise on over to the handbag display case. At first nothing really caught my eye (I was thinking I was in the clear-and would just get the boots,) until I saw the most beautiful deep dark turquoise green bag I had ever seen. So, like any girl I grabbed it and walked around the store a bit more. "Damn, I like this purse." I found myself back to the boots. "Damn, I sure do love those boots." And when you let your mind start picking outfits you would wear with the new shoes….you know you're in deep trouble!!

Then as if right out of a scene from "confessions of a shopaholic" I somehow talked myself into getting both the purse and the boots.

"ya know, those boots are normally $160…marked down to $99.69 with an additional %30. Why that's *enter mental shopping math here* $69 bucks. Hmmm. And the purse…man its normally $180 (yes, I know I have expensive taste in fashion, but I blame it on being a Libra, we ARE the best dressed in the zodiac-dontcha know… J ) and the purse is marked down to $90. It would be a crime NOT to get it.

So, I will have to wait another month before I can go to the eye doctor. (my contacts will be a year old in Jan.) I will look fabulous on Thanksgiving!

But in truth, I don't need an excuse to put off going to the eye doctor, I have been wearing glasses since 6th grade and contacts since my freshman year in college. I HATE GOING TO THE EYE DOCTOR!

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