Saturday, November 20, 2010

I heart question/answer time!

Q) What type of dog is Mia? How old is she?

A) Ms. 'Mia Jean Ham' bone is none as an Australian cattle dog, more specifically a red heeler. She was suppose to be my brother's dog, but we fell hopelessly in love with each other and from the moment I held her-Bo knew she was meant for me! I either got her in high school or college-I honestly don't remember. Mia is a wonderful dog, she is sweet, loving, just the right mix of aggressive/protective and love-me, love-me. She goes by another name in this house….it's called a "hand whore." If you sit down, her head is somewhere near your hands.

Q) You mentioned your birthday was in October, what did you do to celebrate?

A) Well this birthday was a big celebration. 1) I turned 30. 2) I was celebrating my almost 6month post op!!! So I decided to party the entire month.

We had a party at the house and we served beef/chicken jerk k-bobs, with sangria's. It was such a wonderful party! (I have some pictures but they ended up on the husbands computer.

I got to meet Dr. Temple Grandin

I bought wonderful tickets to see Shakira in concert.

Q) How did your camera get murdered by drowning? Please explain.

A) *sigh* I have a bad habit of tossing my morning tea/water glass in my purse as I am walking out the door. I also have an even worse habit of not closing the lid on my said tea/water glass. Now, it would be one thing if this unfortunate event only occurred once, ya know, I might get a little bit of sympathy for it. But sadly friends, this was like the 6 or 7th time this occurred. Specifically speaking the morning my camera was murdered, I was heading out at 5am to meet my colleagues to car pool into Dallas to attend an Autism Super-conference. I filled up my glass with water (to the rim) tossed it into my purse kissed the husband goodbye and headed out into the cold morning. When I arrived at the previously determined location I crawled into the back of the mini-van…just thrilled about getting the opportunity to meet and listen to the world's leading experts in Autism. As we merged onto the interstate I reached into my purse to pull out some medication and that is when I realized everything in my purse was soaked!

I have to add a shout out to my purse. I don't believe in spending over $125 for a purse, but I do believe in buying quality. My current purse (it will be retiring for the fall/winter b/c its happy yellow.) has been flooded many times and not once has it leaked through the inner-lining! Good Purse!

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