Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A day with Autism: cat gut stitches and albino tigers.

Today, I got to go on a date with my favorite 2 people, Evan and Chad took me to the bookstore, then we walked over to the zoo! It was a crazy good time!!

As we were walking into the bookstore, Evan put his arm around my waist; I could tell he had something heavy on his mind.

Evan; "um-Do you still have stitches from the surgery?"

Me: "No, the 1 stitch I had was taken out in July and the rest slowly dissolved."

Evan: "were they cat gut stitches?"

Me: "eww, gross I hope not!"

Chad: (laughing) "Evan I think they stopped using cat gut stitches a long time ago!"

Evan: (laughing hysterically) "eww Kristin has cat gut stitches in her gut—heee-heee!"

Me: "Gross, I do not!!"

Evan: "hee-hee! -cat gut stitches!"

As we walk into the bookstore Evan loves to head straight back to the movie section (which by the way he calls the musical section. Not b/c of musicals, but rather b/c c.d.'s and dvd's are both back there and in his mind they are called, "musicals.") anyways, he heads back to the musical section so he can rearrange everything b/c obviously how the store has the movies categorized makes about as much sense as doing away with cat gut stitches. (How amazing is the autistic mind?) Seriously, he's 27, what normal 27year old would know anything about cat gut stitches. I'm 30 and I just NOW learned about it…today. So Chad bails out on us to walk down to the sandwich shop to grab a bite to eat. The one rule Chad makes before leaving is, "no musical section, you must read books first" (presumably about cat gut stitches-ha) as soon as Chad leaves Evan sets his sights on the musical section.

Now, autism is my life 187 days out of the year, I teach, learn, breathe, think, battle, and live autism. Evan is practically my brother, I mean we grew up together and when we hang out, I just want to enjoy his company NOT be his boss, but rather just his friend. Also, I have almost finished this wonderful book and Nicholas Evans just released a new book (remind me to tell you the time I stalked Mr. Evans and accidentally followed him into the restroom. It's a great story) so I wanted to find his new book, and then I wanted to catch up on my gossip magazines. Instead I chased Evan around the bookstore trying to keep him out of the musical section. First, I threatened (though my heart wasn't really into it) then I grabbed the nearest gift wrapping paper and threatened to hit him with it. Then, I made good on my threat and hit him with it. Then, we argued for a bit, which sounded like this:

Me: "Evan, first go read a book-expand your mind."

Evan: "no-no musicals"

Me: "books"

Evan: "musicals"

Me: "books"

Evan: "musicals"

……you get the point. Then he walked pasted the security things and I followed, but something in my backpack set them off. So every time I got within 6inches they beeped. Let's just say they beeped so much that the staff told me, "either come in or out!"

Eventually, Chad showed back up and I moseyed off to look at books and magazines. Then, the 3 of us gathered back up and headed out in the chilly weather to brave the zoo. Our zoo has a couple of the albino tigers, they are snow-white with Safire eyes and I could sit and watch them…all. day. long.

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  1. Awwwww. I love this day...I even recognize parts of this day. My second oldest son has high functioning autism/aspergers.

    You are my new Hero of the day!