Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am an idiot!

Quick question for ya: How long does it take to teach me a valuable lesson?

I can't put this question in terms of time, but I can answer in terms of monetary value.

Answer:     1 laptop

                   1 camera

                   1; 8GB Zune (mp3player)

Grand total of $1600!!

That's right, $1600 to teach me NOT TO PUT MY WATER IN MY PURSE!!!

For my A.D.D., I take a salt-based pill, which makes me extremely thirsty. So all day long I drink water…the husband even bought me a pink coffee mug that I can flip closed (the seal is amazing) You'd think when I tossed my cup in my purse I would remember to check if the cup is closed. Nope, I don't…b/c I am an idiot!

I have decided that the world of electronics is thoroughly pissed at me. After killing their friends, camera, Zune, and laptop…they want my head on a silver platter. After typing the first paragraph I got up to get something to drink, tripped on my laptop cable went flying through the air landing on my knees, catching myself on my wrists (which I broke both of them when I was 8-jumping out of the back of a truck-going 35mph) and falling on my face. Almost 6months post op I still have some enemies.

  1. Coughing
  2. Sneezing
  3. Hard laughing
  4. Falling!
So, somehow I must make peace with electronics. Before they turn all 2001: a space odyssey on my ass and kill me!

And why is all this happening to me?

Because I am an idiot!!


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