Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am busy, therefore I am:

Hello Everybody!

Man it's been a while since my last post, things have been hectic, to say the least. I have so many ideas floating around in my head about things I want to type about…right now I have 2 working posts…correction-I have 2 un-finished posts…just sitting in my document folder.

But like I said, it has been crazy!

What have I been doing?

  • Work. I have successfully gotten Q, my wild child, into general ed. I am so proud!!!
  • Work. I have a new wild child, B and let me tell you what-I earn my pay with this baby!
  • I went for my yearly woman's appointment and things just haven't been the same, so tomorrow I go back for some more testing. (just what I need, more medical issues) Meanwhile, I have pain, headaches, and crankiness, so I have just been keeping to myself.
  • Decorating for Christmas-A.D.D. style. It looks like a wild-child tore through 5Christmas boxes and left their contents spread across this house like a bread trail for a lost soul to follow. Garland, ornaments, bow's, ribbon, tissue paper (that my cat has claimed as his bed) stickers, hand towels, wreaths, snow globes, and stockings all strewn about…meanwhile I am begging the husband to let me "cut his hair." This man tolerates me…what can I say,
    Him: "Umm-baby how about instead of cutting my hair, you clean in…this general area? (Waving his arms in a big giant circle)"
    Me: "Pssshh-oooo, decorating for Christmas is 'art' and you can't rush 'art'"
    Him: "Baby in 2 weeks, Christmas will be over…so you should finish your 'art.' before I have to take it all down."
    I came home from work today, and the house was picked up!!
  • I make Christmas ornaments to pass out to my aides and students every year. So I have been working hard on them. I do something different every year, and this year I have had trouble finding my inspiration.
  • Reading! In 3 weeks I have finished 3 different wonderful books! I sure do love reading and yesterday I started a new book, and I stayed up until 12:00 this morning reading it (I suffered today at work) and I rushed home this afternoon to cuddle up on the couch and start reading it again!
  • I drowned my camera.
  • I may have drowned my zune (same way I murdered my camera, but in a completely new purse)
  • One of my aides is going to retire, so we threw her a giant party on Friday! There is one aide from El Salvador who works in the Special ed. Department, but not my class…anyways she makes the best food!
  • Getting work ready to be on break for a wonderful 2weeks. I have been doing lesson plans, behavior plans for B, transition plans for Q.
  • Oh yeah, a little Christmas shopping, but not much.
  • Trainings, since October I have been to about 9 trainings. I love learning, but it drains you. Yesterday we learned real complex information…and my brain needed me to do some mindless work.
  • Last night we had roast and potatoes for dinner! IT was m'm good! Having left over's for dinner tonight!
  • Gotta make it through the rest of this week. Staff party on Thursday, the kiddos are partying it up Friday, most of my student's parents will be in my classroom Friday afternoon. I love to entertain, but man, it's work. I am an introvert by nature and being alone charges me up to be, "turned on" for people, but having 8 parents in my room, walking around…eating, engaging in small chit-chat. It really takes a lot out of me. Don't get me wrong, I love it…just don't expect me to be, "talky-talky Friday night!" 

  • I have good news: in November the weather changed, my allergies started to irritate me, but I DID NOT GET SICK!! First time in my life, I just had allergy problems! And for the first time EVER, those allergies didn't turn into anything else…don't get me wrong, I was very proactive, I used my netty pot, gargled with peroxide (for my sore throat), drank tons of Emer-gen-C and airborne, drank tea with honey and lemon, used my prescribed nose sprays, took mucenex (since b/c of the surgery coughing feels like I am being stabbed) to dry out my sinuses. And for the first time in my life…all that crap worked!!! Pre-surgery I would do all that crap and still get lung infections, bronchitis, and upper respiratory infections. I am pretty excited!!
  • I Signed, stuffed, addressed, and stamped and now I just need to print pictures of the husband and myself for the Christmas cards…then send em out. (honestly though, I will have the husband mail off the Christmas cards…I have an OCD-aversion to post-offices. Thinking about how germy-and gross they are…..NO THANK YOU!! I order my stamps online…anything to avoid that germ disseminator)

    Welp, that's all for now…I will continue working on that un-finished blog…I am gonna read until 7…watch some Glee and Biggest looser and then off to bed for read some more….

    Love to read

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