Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our bedroom--Finally!

The bench I reupholstered lives in the corner next to the black fan..

No ugly nasty gold/white fan.  She works and lives in the garage now.

I hung the drapes to the ceiling and made them so they graze the top of the floor.  This gives the room height and elegance.

When I made the curtains, my camera was no longer with us, but I made them similar to how I made the laundry room curtains. 


The rocking chair I reupholstered sits in the corner on the husbands side.

I still can't decide what I want to put on the sides of my vanity table.

The husband and I made the headboard

The headboard sits 3inches from the wall, to allow the curtains to hang down straight and smooth. (The husband used the stupid foam head-holder they used for my surgery-ever the stodgy man)

More shelves will be hung on the other side of the dresser. 

The big giant empty space on the wall will house 3 shelves to display my photos and art work.

purchased at the Mainstreet Arts festival

The bed spread was my original inspiration for the room.  The pillow sham was hung on the wall for months.

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  1. This. Is. Exquisite!!! LOVE your new room. I hope you feel relaxed and refreshed every morning you wake up there!

    ALSO - where are you? how are you? Hope all is well,