Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not M.I,A, just crazy busy!

Evan and his giant crawl dad
 Hey guys,  WoW-so it has been almost 2months since my last post. I want yall to know that just because I haven't posted anything, doesn't mean my mind isn't constantly creating posts and thinking about things I want to talk about...

Me and Nick-before our 4hour trail ride
Let me give you a quick synopsis of my life over those 2months I was Missing In Action....
End of April and all of May was all about school.  Having 4 students that also attend general education classes means; planning-planning-planning.  In my classroom, my kids that visit general education classes do more than attend for an hour a day, I believe that they should be active participants in their general education classes.  So as much as I can get them in those classes the better, which is awesome for the kids, but taxing and exhausting for their teacher-who plans it all.  But, I am so-not complaining it's worth it to me, to get to watch parents experience just a bit of a "normal life."  It makes all the struggle worth it!!  Anyways, I have to coordinate end of year ceremonies, field day's, kindergarten graduation, report cards, end of year assessments, planning end of year party, plus my classroom is moving to a new campus for the 2011-2012 school year.  Which meant packing my entire classroom, bringing the loads of crap home..where it's living in my den (which makes my newest sewing project a challenge) Oh yes, one of my students is bi-polar and the last 3weeks of school she was manic, she either wanted to sit in front of the radio and do nothing or run screaming from wall to wall.  It. Was. Exhausting.
June: June 4 was my 1 year post operation anniversary!!  Hooray!!

my interpretation of starry-starry night

Then the second week of June we took the horses to the Swamp land of East Texas, I bumped into swamp thang while we were there too, he asked me out on a date, but I told him I was married....sooo....(haha) I crack myself up!  Anyways, we saw tons of snakes and lots of wild hogs, almost got thrown off my horse because we were galloping along the trial when mama hog and 3baby hogs ran across the trial, and my horse is 17 hands (the average horse is about 14-15hands) tall and he thinks everything is going to eat him-so he is jumpy, plus he's a cutting horse so can stop on a dime.  It takes some getting used too.

That brings me to last week.  I worked on projects around the house.  I recovered a couple of chairs, sewed a new lamp shade (which I will NEVER do again-too tedious.) and now I am reupholstering a chair.
the husband and his chicken

 But let's talk about some changes in the NachoMatic house.
1) In April we got baby chickens. Well they are big girls now-but the husband made the cutest little chicken tractor.  I took pictures and I am trying to talk the husband into posting about how he made it!!
{and I know exactly what you're thinking...isn't the NachoMatic house smack dab in the city? -why yes, yes it is.  If we don't stick out as a couple of country bumpkins, then we do now!!}
2) I finally have knobs on all the kitchen cabinets (I know this is a small detail, but as a special ed. teacher I learn to celebrate the small things)
3) I finally picked a fabric for the curtain that will live over the kitchen sink.  It was a hard battle b/c I wanted girly-dainty and the husband didn't.  (I won!)
4) The raccoon ate all my blackberries and a couple of peaches from my backyard...but he hasn't touched my tomatoes-yet.  So, I have enjoyed summer tomatoes and yummy-yummy!
5) I got a vintage dough box from my mom and the coolest lamp..and they all live in the living room.
6) I was swimming every day until I got a double ear infection-with love from East Texas swamp.

my partners in crime

 Stay tuned because I plan on talking about some cool things:
1) how I constructed my headboard
2) the new sewn lampshade
3) before/after of my reupholstered chair
4) finally answer all the questions in my email.

That's all I can think of right now, but I know there is a ton of things.  The husband installed soffit vents over the front porch in an attempt to cool off the attic and keep the house cooler.  Every month we buy insulation to put in the attic...again all to keep the electric bill down.   At the urging of the husband and sweet friend, I finally put one of my doodles on canvas-I will upload a picture of it...yall should tell me what you think.

okay, I am out.  More on everything later!!

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  1. WOW LOVE the starry night painting!

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary of being healthy again!

    Glad to see you're back.