Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Q & A time

Let's have a little Q & A time. 

Q: What types of things did your Granma teach you to sew?
A: My Granny taught me how to sew a pillow.  That's it.   She caught me trying to make a barn cat a pillow out of scrap fabric and scotch tape.  Hey! Don't judge, I was like 6, and all 6year old tom-boy girls think it's important that barn cat's deserve pillows.  It's a sweet-cherished memory now.  My husband now sleeps with that tiny gingam blue rectangle shaped pillow. 
I grew up watching my Granny and my Great-GranmaGranma and Great Aunt Ruth sewing quilts and blankets, and clothes so I guess I could use the argument that thread and needles run in my veins.  But my true addiction to sewing came when I was in college, and I had just moved into an apartment where a street light beamed, like the Oak Island lighthouse into my bedroom.  Good-night that thing was BRIGHT.  During the summer months, I just hung one of my quilts in the window, but come the winter-I really needed that quilt.  So I went to the store, and man, my little college mind was blown away at how expensive curtains were, and still are...it's highway robbery man. 
So curtains, turned to table clothes, and table clothes turned to pillows and pillows turned to my first reupholstered couch...you get the picture.  My working sewing machine is my Granny's, and I get closer to her with every project.  She passed from lung cancer when I was 17, it was truly my first heart break.  I wished I could have known her as an adult, I've been told she was a hoot.

Q: You've mentioned you never cook the same thing twice, how is that?
A: I inherited my father's gift, (which I am willing to put money on he inherited from his mother, My Granny) that I can make anything out of nothing.  This is a wonderful mantra to live by in both the kitchen and in life.  As long as you know what foods go well together, the combination's are endless.  Currently I am addicted to pineapple chicken salads. In Texas, it's hot, we get to 104 during the day and cool off to a toasty 91 at night.  So it's HOT-and during the summer months I eat less and lighter.  Being raised on a farm, I eat lots of veggies and tons of fruit during the summer.

Q: How's your health?
A: It's great!!  I am 13months post op, and I charging right along.  My life is drastically different than 3 years ago, I get up in the morning and go to the gym and run errands and come home and do a little work.  I still have bouts of fatigue, but it is NOTHING like it used to be.  My biggest problem has been learning my limits, I have a bar in my chest so I am in pain all the time, so my trouble is; do I push myself and be in more pain? Because if I do, I get REAL cranky b/c I am in too much pain.  So it's been an interesting dance to learn.  Listening to my body is the key.

Q: When you work out, what do you do?
A: I love to swim...or float in the pool with a good book.  I ride my bike, do cycling classes, zumba, body pump, mostly low impact classes.  Because running and jumping around just hurts my body too much. 

Q: How would you describe your design style?
A: Antique 1960s decor meets and marries Bohemian eclectic and then gets into a car wreck with Latin decor. 

Q: How did you pick the colors for your house?
A: My house is a place in this world that I can hide from the world.  So I sought out colors that did, made me calm, and happy, and relaxed and rested.  So I went with blues and greens and yellows.  The cool colors.

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