Sunday, October 2, 2011

Round here, trying better!

So, this is what it has come to? 259 posts, 2 followers, 2,391 total views for 2 ½ years.  I get about 2 views a day and 93 views last month.  I guess putting it in math terms doesn’t make is soo bad.  But, really, Kristin, geez, I need to be better about blogging.  There are so many things I think, “I should blog about that” like tonight, I made a up Pork roast brine (I am hopeful it won’t be too salty) and my lasted addiction herbed flatbread, I make a giant ball of dough on Sunday and it lasts the entire week.  Then there’s my shopping addiction, umm.... I went shopping today and some cut shoes and a new purse just fell into my hands, I also got some new shampoo.  Isn’t it totally exciting when you get new shampoo? 

So here are some new things that are up at the NachoMatic household.  1) The husband got a job-Hooray! (makes shopping feel less guilty) 2) Our lovely hens are laying 5 eggs a day!! Man, those checkered girls are spoiled rotten! 3) School has started up, and I have 7students.  My room is equally compared to absolutely mayhem.  I have 3-first graders, and 1-second grader, 2-fourth graders, and 1-third grader.  MAYHEM!!  4) I am on the getting-better side of a lung infection, which left me out of work for a week.  5) I am working on 2 projects, on my biggest project involving my sewing machine; I have encountered some technical difficulties I just can’t figure out how to sew around it.

So I am going to try my super-duper hardest to start working on posting more fun-filled stories about my life.  Haha!

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