Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm alive, hopefully without permenant damage

How to begin this post?  My last post promised I would be around more often, but then I dropped the ball, and for that I am sorry.  But to say that my life has been crazy-busy and insane, here’s the month-to-month run down!

October, It was my birthday month so I enjoyed shopping, I got new shoes, handbag, clothes, the list goes on.  I had a lovely dinner with my parents and brother.  It was a wonderful month, the calm before the storm, really.

November 11, 2011 started out to be a difficult and trying day at work.  It started out with being slapped in the face by a student, I had a chair thrown at me, it was a hard day, but it ended with a misfortunate accident where a ligament in my right wrist was severed-which requires me to be on leave from work.  Since then, my road to healing has been paved with emotion and physical issues.  (more on that later)  We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year, and the night before the husband and I got into a fight, that to this day-I am still NOT over!! 
You would think that I have been off from work, I would have tons of projects done, but with my hand injured using it hurts-typing included.  So, I have all this time off work, and nothing to show for it.  Nothing but high credit card bills (I shop when I am upset) and restlessness.  

December-We went to Colorado on a family vacation.  Once again, it was my parents, brother and sister-in-law and my best friend that is practically a sister and another wild-child for my parents.  I went snow-skiing, fell a bunch of times, crashed several more times but eventually figured it out.  We also went snow mobiling which ended in me laying in a creek in 5 degree weather AND an E.R. visit.  *sigh*  But wait, there’s more!!  The last morning we were there my bat-ass-crazy sister-in-law came up to me (it was 5:30 in the morning, I was still coming down off the pain meds from my E.R. visit) and she started screaming at me about how my brother was a “piece of shit” and blah-blah-blah, and just as the wrath was boiling up from my loins and I was about to lay her out, Hurricane bat-ass-crazy sister-in-law changed wind directions and went after my friend (or “number 3” as daddy refers to her.  Big brother is #1, I’m # 2…she’s #3) “and he said he f#@%ed you on the mountain.”  Now as crass as that is to write (or read) it was hysterical to hear.  I mean it was -11 degrees at the top of the mountain and -8 at the base.  I will have to write and entire post to set up the story a little better. 
Christmas eve-I didn’t get up off the couch, between the soreness of crashing-I mean skiing and the snow mobile accident, I hurt pretty bad and to add insult to injury-I got a cold.
Christmas day- went to my in-laws, sweet talked my father-in-law to shoot his rifle, opened presents-nothing too wild.

January-We welcomed the arrival of our newest family member (the fuzzy-four legged kind) Hazzard Lee-Rose.  She’s half red-heeler and half foxhound.  She’s a goofy mess, but going to make a wonderful dog.

I am hoping that mid-January I can return to work, I miss my students so-so much.  I also have learned I am not the “stay-at-home” type.  Luckily training Hazzard and my neighbor’s leather-sewing machine have been keeping me somewhat busy!  I think about posting stories all the time, but getting the stories from my head-to the computer, that’s where I suck.  I mean my life-and all the crap that happens to in it, ya just can’t make this shit up.  I mean from sex on a mountain in -11 degree weather to being summoned for federal jury duty while on leave from work, to snow mobile accidents, to conversations like this,
Husband: “how was your doctors appointment (the one I went to for my head-cold)
Me: “he said it was a cold, he’s worried about it going into my lungs b/c my breathing test was more crappy than usual.  But I got a shot and should be back to normal in 3 days.”
Husband: “well your lungs should be stronger since you just got back from skiing for 4days.”
Me: “I know, but the doctor said that the proof is in the pudding, and even though my numbers suck, my level of activity shows I am better.”
Husband, “that’s true-hmm.  Well I am glad you’re okay and everything is going to be alright!”
Me: “CRAP!!  I think I am driving on the wrong side of the road!”
Husband: *heavy sigh*

I’m telling ya-can’t make this shit up!!
(pictures are from our Colorado trip)

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