Saturday, January 14, 2012

Menagerie Fantastic

When I first started NachoMatic Desgins it was because the husband and I just bought the house and our ability to work together was blossoming, I envisioned the project-he built it, and I make it pretty.  Through this process I have strengthened my ability to sew, upholster, paint, and do math!!  I began research on designing and interior decorating which led me to an endless supply of design and DYI blogs.  I am, and still am obsessed, I cruise all kinds of blogs-daily.  Looking for the next great project idea-of course true to form I tweak it, and put a Kristin spin on it.  I grew up in a house with brown paneled walls and a mother who is clueless in the world of design.  
 Don’t get me wrong my mom can shop and has passed down her ability to pick out the perfect pair of shoes and gorgeous outfits.  I just got my daddy’s pragmatic side mixed with a flair for fashion.  My momma is a sophisticated and worldly lady that fell in love with a back woods country boy.  It’s a classic love story.  I am 49% my mom and 51% my daddy.  I often say I am pragmatically artistic.  I’m more Robert Doisneau than Pablo Picasso.  I love clothes, shoes, getting dolled up for fancy events, but nothing makes me happier than a day in work pants and boots (also true to form, I always have the perfect pair of boots for the job).  Being a country girl is fun, I am an avid horseback rider (thanks to Evan’s side of the family), grew up in a volunteer fire department where I always got to play victim.  I can repel down a mountain, ski down a mountain, ride a horse down a mountain, ride a snow mobile down a mountain, and shoot my way down a mountain.  Anyways, the point to all this is, slowly my NachoMatic Designs has evolved to become more about our life and my antics, than a DYI blog.  

 Like I tell the husband all the time after I do something like, whack my head on the bathroom faucet, or admit we haven’t used our master bath since, Veronica (the chicken) made it her bitch.  “Baby, we can’t make this shit up, our lives are like the funny farm!!”  The more we get comfortable living in our house, the more our true country colors show.   


We have 5 chickens, 2 orange dogs, and 2 cats all on .45 acre of land and a 1,800 square foot house.  My cat likes to sit in the window and growl endlessly at the dog that isn’t paying attention to him; he’s such a neurotic little animal.  The husbands cat likes to devise plans to take over the world and eat the chickens, the chickens just want their treats, the floppy eared princess (aka-the half foxhound half red heeler) is interested in the chickens but still hasn’t figured out why-yet.  Although yesterday she saw her first duck and almost dragged me into the river.  The other dog is just a hand-whore who would pimp out our tomato and pepper plants to the locate raccoon for an ear scratch.  And trust me, if the city permitted it, we’d probably have some small goats and a mini donkey to add to our neurotic mix of animals with well established personalities.
We also come from a long line of farmers, so today (as soon as it warms up) we are going outside to plant our onions and I am running into town to look for garlic bulbs because my usual supplier (my 91 year old grandfather) seemed to have ran out.  

 I just think I have waay more to offer than DYI stuff I do around the house.  Don’t get me wrong, there is always like 5 projects that I am working on.  I just think NachoMatic Designs is more about the designs of life, than the designs of a house!!

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